Monday, October 3, 2011

2 weekends in pictures, because I'm too busy to write words.

Last weekend we were in Medicine Hat for Agility. It was an awesome time. Gyp ran great, 6/6 and earned her Ex Silver Jumpers (25th Jumpers Q).

thanks for the pics Aine!

K and I had a few blips, but man oh man, he ran great in the +30 heat. He ran 4/6.

This weekend, Gyp went herding - two days in a row! She had a blast, I can see why it is so addictive - so challenging and FUN!

And miss Jane ... she continues to beat the odds, and suck up to the Vets with cupcakes shaped like her.

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Hound Girl said...

its so amazing to see dogs in their elements.
Yeah for Miss Jane - I bet your vet loves you since you brought them cupcakes! I need to find me some bloodhound ones :)