Monday, October 24, 2011

my dogs ... love 'em.

Another weekend of Agility is behind us. I travelled up to Calgary Friday, had a herding lesson, taught 6 hours of Agility ... it was a gooooood day!

The pooches ran in 6 classes and they were great. It was the first indoor trial of the fall season - and the footing was sure different than what we were used too over the summer running in grass - very loose deep mix and my guys popped out of weaves, and also got stuck in the deep surface while weaving - interesting ... but anyway, they were great, and super fun challenging courses. I really pushed myself and I had the best time doing it. Gyp and Kaleb are so different - like almost a different species ... but I love running them equally ... it's hard to explain, but I love them both for their little quirks and unique personalities :)

Our group did so amazing, the more we all hang out, the more like family we are. It is really awesome. We all had a good group cry session over the loss of one of our own, Sniper. He will be missed, a great dog, taken too young. We are such a tight knit group, it is so nice to celebrate achievements with them, and when you need a shoulder to cry everyone is right there for you too. I've never been involved in such a cool group of unique and diverse people, and I am proud to call of them my friends - and their dogs are like extensions of my own.

Enough of the sappy stuff ... here are a couple runs from the weekend ... and for the record ... Gyp's Tug Toy still works just fine.

my name is kaleb :: 42/52

au naturale :: 10/12/Gyp


Kari in Vegas said...

Oh wow it looks like they did great!


Anonymous said...

Ha! The tug works but probably for not much longer :)

onecollie said...

I totally agree with our group feeling like family :)
Many of the others said the same thing this weekend too, especially our moment with Deb, just our group, surrounding Deb & letting her know we felt her pain :(
We really are a family.