Monday, November 7, 2011

run potion #9

It's true ... Kaleb is getting old, and I am dealing relatively well with that reality. But you'd probably never guess he's coming up 10 years old. And he would never let you believe it.

I am very lucky that he has never (knock on wood ... hey K can I use your head?) been lame or off with an injury considering how much he does and the fact that he gives 'er no matter what.

Like any athlete, he gets very good pre and post care when he is going to be using that body of his for things nature intended (running, hunting, breaking through thick brush to hunt birds, swimming) and the things nature didn't intend (weave poles, jumping, climbing and decending the A-frame, slamming into me when he should be watching where the HELL he is going). He has gotten his share of chiro adjustments, massage, acupuncture over the years for maintenance, to keep him fit, limber and sound.

We have magic potion that seems to do the trick (again this is just for him coming up 10 years old, and it works) ...

General Conditioning
... for him at almost 10 years of age, it looks something like this ....He jogs on the "Tready" as we call it usually twice a week for 20min at a fairly good incline at fully extended trot, Peanut ball 2x week, stretching, massage, walks daily and jogging with me, swimming in the summer, a couple free runs a week and Agility training is in there too - but that is a minor part of his actual general conditioning. Agility is not his main source of exercise. We train really very little, and if the only exertion he got was on equipment, I don't think he would be very fit at all, seeing as we train for maybe 30-45 minutes a couple times a week. And that is over a few 2-3 minute sessions.

Kaleb takes CoQ10, Salmon Oil, and a joint supplement daily, yum yum. To prep for an event (hunting, agility) we start with Traumeel - a homeopathic anti-inflammatory a couple days before, during and after an event. This really seems to help with recovery, he hunted once this year without anything, and Pete even noticed he was more stiff the next day, when he hadn't been on it. He hunted for 3 hours straight on Sunday, and I prepped him for it - not stiff at all today, in fact he is annoying me with his antics!!

His Magic Cape
Next we have the Back on Track coat. I have been using this for a couple years now, and I really believe in these products. I use one myself for my knee. Kaleb wears it pre and post event and often in between runs at a trial for different periods of time. If you aren't familiar with them - look into it!

And his favourite thing of all ... Mama's Magical Massage.
Now that I have somewhat of an idea of what I am looking for when massaging, and massaging my dogs on a regular basis really keys me in to their bodies, I really find I can make a difference with his well-being. For those of you who REALLY know Kaleb, I will have you know I can relax him into a deep snore with massage. If that doesn't tell you it feels good, I don't know what does! He has a couple trouble spots I keep an eye on and make sure that those areas get extra attention, before and after he givs 'er in what ever it is he is doing, to prevent a possible pulled muscle or having that issue lead to compensation in other areas - again it's about prevention. It is really cool to see him loosen right up and the recovery time afterwards seems to be better because of that too.

... Kaleb getting veeeeerrryyyy sleeeepy ...

... and, Kaleb looking rather dashing at 9.75 year young, if I do say so myself.

mr.k, bird watching :: 44/52, originally uploaded by sarah ....

Here's to more fun and more running with reckless abandon buddy ... just try to stay clear of my knees ok?


Jules said...

He is so lucky his mama takes such great pre and post work-out care! I would never guess he was almost 10.

Jenilee said...

This is awesome information...thanks Sarah!

Taryn said...

You definitely take wonderful care of your dogs! When do you find time to hold down a job, that's what I want to know ;-)

Wilson has been nursing a sore back. Recently, he's had a professional massage and on another occasion, a chiro/cold laser treatment. Each time, he was noticeably more comfortable and active. This stuff really does help!