Thursday, November 24, 2011

sitting, waiting, watching

Via Flickr:
the queen on her thrown ... the back of the couch to be exact. She was waiting for Pete to get home from work.

As you can see her belly looks big ... that is the fluid that builds up from the right side of her heart not pumping properly due to her Congestive Heart Failure. Each week she gets a procedure called Abdomencentisis performed ... she is a champ, such a trooper, never makes a peep and feels like a million bucks afterwards.



WigglyZack said...

aawww, so precious.

onecollie said...

good girl Jane :)

Ellen said...

Such pretty eyes...the kind that melt your heart. What a brave girl she is too.

Anke said...

She looks so fragile and seems to be so tough. Take good care of her! (I know you do!)

marylin said...

Sweet little Jane,

How wonderful that she has a Mom and Dad like you guys to take care of her. What a beauty she is btw! She does indeed melt your heart. She has eyes that some Jack Russels have... almost human.