Monday, July 30, 2012

Disappointment, moving on and true love.

I'm sad. Nationals is this week and I'm not there, nothing went as planned and as much as I've been trying to look at the good and stay positive that of course it could be worse, I just can't help it. I had big plans. Jo and I were going to take a vacation and go to the island with our fams. That plan was shattered when she lost Tag suddenly in January. Months passed and i was hopeful to still go with Gyp and K. Then Gyp came up lame at Regionals and that was that. I miss Agility. Ive started her back this week (and so far so good) and i'm certain if the National Organizing Committee could postpone the event by a month, we would be ready! Gyp is in her prime and I feel I'm missing a window. I feel like the sport is going on without me. K is waaaay past his prime and running him is just amazing anyway you look at it. I wasn't going to just run him and not Gyp. That would be weird ... And I think he had fun at the Specialty :)

I'm not having a pitty party and I'm trying my best not to dwell - there is more to life than agility ... I know this :) but any way you look at it, it's my favourite sport with Gyp. We've done so much. I've tried to fill the void with herding, obedience and cuddling and it's helped. This is the year of transitions and change it seems. I'm learning many lessons.

I could have chosen to run Gyp at nats, but 10 runs after 8 weeks off, to me is alot - and a Gamble (pun intended). And if she came up lame I would be crushed and feel selfish. And I won't run a dog on pain meds to mask soundness - just not my style. So I am going with my gut. And the fact that it's a National - I know I would be pushing her, and she would happily oblige.

I've said it before and I'll say it again ... I love my dog more than I love any sport. And that's just the way it is.

I hope everyone has an awesome National ... Don't take a second for granted.


Taryn said...

I understand every word you wrote! Jimmy is out with a strained iliopsoas. While I am not missing out on a National, I am missing out on trying to qualify for one (although it wasn't likely even before the strain ;-) ), and I just plain miss agility, and everything that goes with it!

Like you said, don't take it for granted!

onecollie said...

I'm sorry you are sad :(
I understand wanting something so bad but knowing you have to take a step back & wait. Good for you for having the courage.
You have been through so much this year. Don't feel like the sport is moving on without you, that will never happen, you & Gyp will be back better then ever in no time!!!

Kathy Mocharnuk said...

Sorry about the nationals- yes here s more to life then agility BUT it s hard to remember hat when that is what you want to do and it isn't working out lie it feels like it should. ((hugs)) hang in there!