Thursday, July 19, 2012

Meanwhile, In the land of flatcoats

We are in Vancouver / abbotsford area for the next 5 days at the Flat coated Retriever National Specialty. I drove 13 hours to get here, all for the love of a dog. He shows in 3 classes all weekend, yep only 3. Less than what he would run in a weekend of agility - and you'd never catch me driving 13 hours for it - and I love agility. This is different. This is truly as a thank you to kaleb - this is his trip. He is having a great time and looks like a million bucks thanks to Jolene's expert grooming. Sorry Jo, but tomorrow after he's done showing, he's hitting the water :) He got to meet new friends from the US and England that have only known him through photos. I got to meet people and dogs I only knew through photos too. I have renewed my love for the breed ... Oh my there are some gorgeous dogs here. He has earned this trip and I hope it is something we will always remember. I've gotten really sappy since losing Jane ... But you know what, you've gotta cherish every moment even if that means driving 26 hours just to let your dog swim in the ocean again.


manymuddypaws said...

good luck today!!! K is the awesomest- he's kinda like a rockstar. Everyone wants to get his autograph and see if he's really as cool in real life.... ;)

onecollie said...

awww Kaleb deserves to swim in the ocean! this trip is all about him after all ♥
What an exciting time, I hope you are taking lots of pictures of all the Flatcoats!! & of course I want to see a picture of Kaleb hitting the ocean :)
Enjoy the restt of your trip

Koping Weims said...

Great post Sarah and love you made the trip out there with Kaleb. He looks outstanding.
Good luck today and have a great visit with all of Kaleb's fans.


Kim said...

Looks like a great time!!!
Bosley wants to say thanks for visiting his store :)

oddman said...

Go Go Go, Fabulous Flatcoat!

He looks so great. And he IS so great. How can you not love the jerk, eh?

We all do. And we're all cheering him on from sunny Alberta.


Ashley said...

Thats great sarah!!! You should cherish as many momments as you can and that looks like a great one!!!

Kristi said...

What a great tribute to a great dog! It was awesome seeing you guys, and congratulations on your Judges Award of Merit!

marylin said...

congratulations with your wonderful achievement! also wish much happiness in your new home.

Hayley said...

Lovely to meet you and the boy himself. WHEN I come to Alberta we'll do Tubin n stuff !!!