Sunday, September 30, 2012

17 days of my life in a few photos and a video.

Life gets hectic, and that leaves less time to blog. I think, oh I should Blog about that! Or, oh what a great weekend! I should Blog about that! Or Oh, Kaleb is a JERK! I should blog about that. Anyway, you get the idea ... so here is a snapshot of the last 17 days ... hopefully the next blog will be sooner than that. And if not ... well see you in another 17 days :)

Here is a video from the best gamble we never got :)

It's tough being Gyp! She ran awesome 2 weeks ago at our last outdoor trial of the year. Now back to indoor trials!
so cute.
love this shot Aine Perrin took of her.
Then Kaleb tried to find the garbage. After 10.5 years, we finally figured out how to outsmart him. We now put the Garbage in the pantry when we leave so he can't get at the garbage. This is what we came home too .. open cupboards ... and a drawer. Smart boy. But I'm smarter.

Then Pleat looked handsome.
Then he looked cute.
This certificate makes me happy! Small fries, but hey, it's more than we ever thought we get too!
Gyppie on the job.
I have awesome friends who helped make our grass green :)
Then the dogs went swimming ... enjoying the last of the years' swimming weather.
Pleat cheered for Alta-Pete at the USBCHA FInals :)
Then Kaleb looked handsome.

See you soon, bloggerland!


Taryn said...

Looks like some good days!

Who is Pleat? I must have missed his intro.....

andrea said...

what a gamble!!!!!!!!!!!!!
glad things are looking so good :)