Thursday, December 6, 2012

Next time WIcca, you are signing a waiver.

Wicca spent the day with Kaleb and I yesterday, it was the least I could do seeing as Amanda took Gyp for me at 630 am, drove 4 hours to have her head put back on straight, poked with needles, injected with red juice, and cracked. (yes she saw our WONDERFUL rehab vet yesterday). I felt really bad when she said she'd also work her on sheep from me in preparation for the weekend. Her last lesson involved alot of teeth and confidence building, so we needed to dial it back a bit before the weekend.

I was warned Wicca was BAD, but really, she's nearly 9, how naughty could she be (says the person with a nearly 11 year old flat coat who has to have the garbage locked away in the pantry only to come home most days with the cupboards still opened in hopes he might find the garbage...)

Anyway ... here is her day in photos ...
It started out innocent enough, squealing, acting cute and rolling on Pete and I.
Things quickly took a turn for the worse,
when Wicca discovered the "Safe" AKA the Fridge.
one might call it.
Then I had to get some work done.
Wicca preferred the dog bed to be on the sofa in my office.
They I took them for a run.
Then I ate lunch.

Then Wicca relaxed (actual plotted as to how she might
get into trouble when I left her loose in the house with Kaleb)
as I got ready for a meeting and some errands.
Then I came home.  The place looked like it was intact, until I noticed
the reindeer knocked over, think Kathy Bates in Misery. Wicca pulled the kitchen chair out, and had a party on the table - can you see the paw prints? Then on closer inspection, the fridge also had paw prints, slobber on the door edges about 11" from the ground. Then I went to change out of my work clothes into my uniform of sweats and a hoodie, and noticed my laundry basket was tipped over, and my pants from the day before were out. And are you ready for this? She peed on my dirty pants - serioulsy!!! I have never laughed soooo hard!! I was only gone for an hour.

I didn't do it. It was Kaleb.
(urine samples will be back soon)
All was forgiven and we went to visit Pleat -
we quickly ran to his favourite spot in the kitchen for a treat, the others followed

Then we hung out in the yard for a while.
Pleat followed Wicca everywhere, she took refuge on the deck and
was sure a critter was in my mom's flower pot. There wasn't.

I didn't do it.
So if you've never spent time with a TRULY naughty dog you should, and if you've never owned one - find one. Your life will be MUCH MUCH MUCH more enjoyable. BAD DOGS RULE!


manymuddypaws said...

Nothing is as awesome as bad woo. Thanks for looking after her for the day. No wonder she is so tired this morning!! Being naughty takes a lot outta of a dog. ;)

Anonymous said...

AH I love it...and yes Naughty dogs are the best .


Anji said...

Sure was Wicca that peed your pants....