Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Pleat update - day 5 ...we wait

Today was a better day for Pleat. From what I've read and what people have told me through emails etc ... Recovery is slow, and well it is. It's slow enough to make you wonder if you are doing the right thing. He's not in pain, he's seemingly relaxed, so that's good, right? Like everyone tells us ... We wait. My mom sleeps in the living room with him, she's been sleeping on the couch since Friday. And I'm over there in the afternoons taking care of him (a portable home office is very handy). Today i brought Kalebs harness over and we worked on moving his positions, and he's actually shuffling now a bit - still not close to standing but he can hold his head up better. The nystagmus is nearly gone and he can focus on us. He drinks water, he's eating more each day - my aunt cooked a few days worth of ground beef and sweet potato, a super nutrient packed mash. We made the same meal for Jane when she was sick, he loves it too!! I love old dogs, taking care of him makes me miss Jane, but it also helps me heal too - it's a complicated set of emotions.

He pees twice a day on the bed we make - he lays on the orthopedic back on track bed with a tarp then covered in a blanket/towels that get changed out each time. My aunt is great about making sure he is clean and dry :). My family is so caring and everyone is pitching in with feeding, water and general cuddling. He sleeps well, he's calm and sweet ... And we wait ...

Today he started antibiotics (treating for possible inner ear infection - disruption in the vestibular apparatus, a common link in treating this) and finished his motion sickness meds. I really hope he can recover, though he's only been a part of our family for 4 months we love him. I wish we knew him back in the day, the Champion - a powerful dog with such presence - a presence people still notice, sounds cheesy but if you've met him you get it!! There could be an underlying issue like a cancer, tumor etc that would hinder recovery, the next step will be bloodwork for a baseline, we've discussed we will treat him conservatively, my mom doesn't have the means for major diagnostic testing (either do we) so we wait... I would love to see him standing at the cookie jar again :) there are some techniques developed from people with the similar condition adapted to dogs, and we are going to hopefully get that done in the next few days - I'm a huge believer in hands on healing, it works. Time will tell how he does. For now, we wait. He might be old but I always feel if a dog still has that spark, he should be given a chance. I don't see him giving up - the look just isn't there.

The best news of all today was when my bro texted me to tell me he wagged his tail twice at him - that made my day.

Please send your positive thoughts for Pleat. We love you "puddy".


Diana said...

Sending positive thoughts for Pleat.

manymuddypaws said...

Aww Pleaters. I hope he starts improving soon!!! It is strange how knowing a dog for such a short time has made an impact on so many people. Dogs are pretty amazing.

A tail wag is a good sign- fingers crossed for more good signs soon!

Kristina Zambrano said...

aww what a sad puppy face sending power pawsitive healing golden vibes all the way from Venezuela to pleat ((HUGS))

Anonymous said...

Lots and lots of positive vibes being sent to Pleat.

Taryn said...

Hope Pleat recovers quickly!

oddman said...

Thanks for the update. Hope he recovers quickly. He has this patient look in his pix, like he seems to know it's going to take some time. What a sweetheart! Hang in there, Pleaters!

oddman said...

Thanks for the update. Hope he recovers quickly. He has this patient look in his pix, like he seems to know it's going to take some time. What a sweetheart! Hang in there, Pleaters!

Anonymous said...

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