Thursday, January 3, 2013

12 Defining Moments of 2012.

2012 was a huge bummer year for so many people I know - it had it HIGHLIGHTS, don't get me wrong, but for me personally, it was probably the hardest, and one of the most memorable year that I can remember - good and bad.

I embrace change, but I have a limit, 2012 tested that, thank you very much.

Instead of dwelling in it and pouring my heart out in this post, I've decided to highlight a thing or two from each month - whether it be good, or bad ... and twelve highlighted things that really shaped my year, changed my life - for the better, or worse, made me grow, made me laugh - and will be a pivotal part of shaping my next year. 2013 I'm ready for you, how 'bout we get along, OK?

- For the 5th year in a row, Kaleb was the #1 Flat-coated Retriever in Canada in AAC Agility! I commented "Good job buddy, you're an ass, but I love you ... keep on runnin", it's 2013, he's coming 11, and he's still running Agility - THAT is something I am so grateful for.

- Gyp lost her best friend, the world lost a great dog too soon. Damn cancer. Tag - 05/12

This much fun should be illegal!
Love the dog you have. Accept them for who they are.
They accept us unconditionally.

- We cooked with Grammy
Weekend at Grammys!
- The best relationships are those that make us a better person, thinking about how we can do better by our dog and learn to understand them, maybe even starting to act like them, rather than the thinking "you better do what I want or else", or pretending to be sincere and fine on the outside, when deep down you are angry because they aren't doing what YOU want, and that makes you mad - stupid dog. It works with humans, fake a smile and say things are fine, become resentful - and then we eventually believe them, because we trust them, or it's just easier that way. Thankfully dogs are too smart to fall for that, and if we aren't at our best, neither are they, and we can easily destroy that trust by lying to them. Do you like your dog? Do they like you?

- I lost my best friend.
goodbye my friend.
- Kaleb turned 10
 Happy 10th Birthday  K-man!

- Gyp earned her CD with 2 HIC's
- We attended my Grandma's 80th Birthday

- Jane would have been 13.
- We bought the dogs a new house, we moved in July

- After being off 2 months with a  pinched nerve our Rehab vet thinks, K places 2nd in Regionals!!!! Gyp came up lame in her second run, memorable, but not in a good way. She was pulled, and out from Agility for the majority of the summer.

 - We had been working hard building confidence with herding during the spring, and Gyp debuting in Herding Started earned 2 High in Trials and finished her title. Good girlie.

- We MOVED!!! We love it. A new start :)
- We headed to Vancouver for the FCRSC National Specialty
Not only did Kaleb win his 9-11 Vet Male class, full of former Specialty winners and a Westminster Winner, he went on to win a "Judges Award of Merit" from the final cut of Best of Breed dogs. 

- This guy became a part of our family!!!! My mom's best friend, Pleat.
Old dogs are glorious things!

-We hosted our first Go! See! Spot! Fly! Agility Camp, here's hoping for another great one in 2013!

- Kaleb had surgery to remover a tumor - thankfully is came back BENIGN!!!!!!!!

- where did that month go???

- Gyp debuted in the Open ring, earning 2 HICs and her CDX title at the Lethbridge Kennel Club dog show!!
- Waiting for Santa ... Our first christmas without Jane, but our first with Pleat!
- Pleat had a stroke the week before Christmas - and Christmas eve, he stood for the first time in 9 days, by the 27th he has walking in the yard ... today he is almost back to normal :) gotta love that fight and determination!

Alright 2013 ... I'm ready for you ...


Thirteen Sheep (Or More) said...

Your high points are really high! I'm so glad that Pleat is better.
Something about Kaleb just grabs me. He looks like such a cool dog!

Sophie said...

I hope 2013 brings better things to you.