Thursday, January 24, 2013

24 days in, and so far, so good.

Ok the blog post you've all been sitting at the edge of your seat for. My whole life isn't posted here, actually a very small part, something's I need to keep to myself, other things I'm happy to share, like leaving my diary open in the middle of Starbucks for everyone to read and criticize. It's 7:15 in the morning and I'm making myself write this now or it will be another 2-3 weeks.

So we are in to 2013, and already it's a stellar year. I've made choices to de-clutter my life in a few ways - learning to say no, eliminating things that bring me down or don't fulfill me, or things that keep me away from what I really want - things to me that can be time wasters. I'm out of the fog that consumed a good portion of 2012, I wasn't in a good place at many times. These past 24 days have been my happiest in a long time.

I've opted out of 52 weeks for dogs - a hard decision as I am one of the originals and I followed through for 4 years. Maybe next year I will be back. I'm trying to be on Facebook less, surf the internet aimlessly less, blog less (I'm doing that well).

Personally I'm getting my ass in gear. Two girlfriends and I are busting our asses 6-7am, 3x a week, plus 3 cardio sessions and a nutritional plan and coaching. It's a 3 month program and we are almost a month in and I feel awesome. It's all part of my well being, stay sane in 2013 plan. I thought dragging my ass to the gym for 5:45 am would be tough, but I love it, and the support from Jen, Jo and our coach is awesome.

Back to dogs ... Kathy Keats was here a couple weeks ago, and I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time with her outside the seminar. We talked dogs (Border Collies mostly), she helped me with some of my mental issues (don't laugh it's true), gave me help to be a better coach myself, and reinvented my spark and my love for the game I am passionate about above all others - Agility.

I like rally, obedience is ok, herding is pretty awesome - I love it as much as training bird work, the thrill to see instinct kick in and work a dog past what instinct is a total rush. But for me, at this point in my life - agility is where it's at. I love to run, I love the rush of coming off a course barely remembering it. That connection where the dog and I can read each other minds.

Kaleb is coming 11 and still going strong, sound and spunky - yes I know how lucky I am. We ran our first trial of the year and he was awesome. I will retire him when he stops having fun.

Gyp just turned 8, it is hard for me to even write that. I've only had her just over 6 years, and I hope she lives forever so I can make up for those first 2 years I missed of her life. She is also running great, and I will do whatever I need to do to keep it that way - even if that means dropping a jump height.

So that leads me to my next awesome thing of 2013 .... PUPPY TIME! I am ready.
I can give it the love and time it needs now, and Pete is on board - well in his own way. If the stars align pups should be here around St. Patrick's day... Lets hope for the luck of the Irish! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find a good Border Collie - one with the traits I am specifically looking for. Call me picky, but I'm such a "I need to feel it in the universe person". And dog willing, this will happen. I adore the parents - I've always wanted a pup out of the mom (she's now a movie star - wink wink), and the dad, well he is related to Pleat, and both have produced some really nice dogs too, how could that be a bad thing :) I am so lucky to be able to help out with the litter and see the puppies grow, and even more lucky to have this litter being bred at all!!

I will leave you with a Pleat video from a week ago, he's even better now. Dancing in the kitchen, paddling his feet, and walking a mile with no problem :)

Come on 2013!! Let's be a great year!


Diana said...

Yea on the puppy!!I couldnt get the video link to work. Im glad things are getting better.

Sarah said...

Diana, I fixed the link :)


manymuddypaws said...

Being happy is where it's at. Sometimes it's hard to figure out where that is. I'm glad you are on your way.

Anonymous said...

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HyperHounds said...

so happy it is a puppy year for you! sounds like you are ready and have found the perfect breeding. Here's hoping it all turns out well for you and you get your dream puppy.