Wednesday, February 20, 2013

oh, right, last weekend.

As much as I love agility - it's about spending time hanging out
with the pooches and friends on a weekend away.

I went up to Calgary to do 4 runs with each dog over 2 days.
Why not just run 4 runs in one day, you ask? 

Well that would mean I wouldn't get to hang out with Jan and Dave at their place, and I wouldn't get the delicious soup Jan made - Kaleb helped me with the chopsticks:) They make us feel so much at home, I look forward to visiting with them and the rest of the gang on these fun weekends.

Each dog brought home 3/4 Qs from the runs they were entered in. Kaleb is showing his age more all the time - but as long as the boy still wants to play, we will - he Qd in Gambler, Standard and Snooker, he was 1 second overtime in Challenge. Gyp ran great and it took a bit for us to really click (I'm sadly out of practice with her), but we finally did - and we rocked our Standard, Challenge and Gamble.

Here are a few highlights from each dog ...

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