Monday, February 25, 2013

What's up Doc?

Dr Devall was here this weekend - I've been trying to organize her coming every 8 - 12 weeks and this was her first clinic day and it was a big success. A full day of dogs for her - some new and some ol' regulars :) She was happy with the variety of dogs and that people are taking their dogs physical well-being in a proactive approach which is better than only seeing her when your dogs are injured. And thankfully for me, the last 3 visits are on the proactive approach.
The K-man checked out OK - not great, but not broken by any means. He's not getting old. He IS old. Veronica said this was the first time she's ever seen him looking like an old dog, and I have to agree. His overall condition is good, but he was really sensitive to adjustments, especially on his front end and jaw, where I have been concerned - not pain responses, but he was more uncomfortable/fidgety with that than anywhere else on his body. She couldn't pin point anything specific, but we could see he wasn't comfortable. He's due for his senior work-up in March so hopefully all checks out there is nothing bad going on.

Pleat had his first vist with Dr. Devall. I wanted him checked out because of his stroke/vestibular - and the fact that his head took the brunt of his episode (the tilt). His neck had MANY adjustments and a few in his back. But overall for a REALLY old dog, he is in good shape. She'd like to work on his neck some more the next time she sees him. She could tell he's been a hard-working dog but wasn't too worried about anything major. He loved Veronica and kept coming to see her while she worked on K and G. It was pretty cute.
Gyp was her usual bendy self. Veronica commented on her muscled lean condition - all 25 pounds of it. She worked on her main issue - her lower back/lumbar area. Psoas palpation and test was ok, which is good news. Her flexion good, and her left extension as usual was less than her right. I won't go into great detail, but I was given a few more options/exercises for treatment for dealing with her lower back and to keep her flexible in her hind end. She checked out her freaky flexible abducting shoulders - esp. right and all was good too. It's all about maintenance and watching with Gyp, knowing her physical limits so I can keep her strong and fit, and recognizing when she's had too much - and knowing how to treat it. I left happy and so did Gyp :)

And what? who's that? It's TANGO!!! My favourite little cuban refugee :) She's here for a couple of weeks and on her second night - she had already went on her first date to an Oscar Party that Pleat was hosting. He was a great host and a total party animal .... he showed us all that apparently it's OK to steal Fajitas off of people's plates, get on the coffee table with all fours and lick the plates afterwards.
Pleat and his date Tango.


Taryn said...

That Tango is a real cutie!

Jenny Glen said...

No, No! I'm sure you aren't talking about Pleat misbehaving! That dog was owned by a big time trainer. He would NEVER have such bad manners:)