Thursday, March 28, 2013

You can't always get what you want.

But if you try sometimes,
you just might find
you get what you need. 

(oh that Mick Jagger is a smart guy)

To say our home as been empty for the last year is an understatement. As the saying goes "Life is merrier, with a Jack Russell Terrier". I was hoping for a Border Collie and after 2.5 litters didn't take (yes there is a half, because I was only half committed) the Universe was telling me something, so I listened. Don't fuck with what the universe says. I had "liked" his photo on Facebook when he was born - not thinking in a million years, he would actually be ours. Like I said ... the universe works in strange ways. A great friend of mine who is my go to for some big life decisions and reality checks asked me what I REALLY wanted in a dog, what was my CRITERIA. What was it that I TRULY wanted in my next dog. And by me I mean WE. Pete is part of the equation too. 
Here is my list:
• Outgoing Temperament and a spunky dog who loves people and loves to play with me.
• Structurally sound to put up with the demands of dog sports
• Healthy
• A dog I can excel with in Agility -  being my #1 sport above all others
• A dog from working lines - and what I mean by that, is a pup from lineage where they are required to use their brains, and their doG given talents and instincts. Proven in whatever field it is they were bred for. I can use those instincts to form training a way that will work for the dog. doG willing :)
• A jogging, running partner that has great endurance and can handle all weather conditions
• A dog that will like to swim - or can be taught to learn to love it!
• A dog that can be trained to hunt with Pete, and go fishing with him
• A bed warmer


I would like to introduce you too ...
Mr. Fitz.
AKA F-Bomb
AKA Phife Dog
AKA Fitzgerlad Bojangles III (his formal given name when he is wearing a bowtie)
And I have have to give the credit of naming him to Pete. As soon as he spurted it out. I knew it was it. My long list of dog names is being saved for another time.

Seriously. Could he be cuter?? And Already at 7 weeks sporting his first Nearly Naked Neckwear collar. I outfitted the litter in matching Collars and Leashes. Only the best you know for these classy pups.
Handsome lad. He should be around 13 - 14". This is him at 7 weeks.
Did I mention he was cute?
He looks like a little old man. I love the wise look in his eyes. He is a great outgoing pup.
His first time outside. I'm glad the snow is melted here, or we might lose him in the field.
When you are this cute, they call you Mister  .... Red Trail Mr. Fitz.
We are looking forward to this new chapter in our lives. I feel like we already know him through the nearly daily videos and photos we have seen of him since birth - and esp. over the last 3.5 weeks. His breeder is awesome and if I am going to get a JRT this is the place, this is the litter. Every health check you can imagine, great temperaments & builds, great hunters, a lineage of proven dogs, they are all raw fed and have been introduced to many proteins already. And she puts up with my questions - of which there are many. She wanted to make sure we were getting the best pup of the litter. He is 7.5 weeks and will be joining the fam in 9 days.  We can't wait!!! Let's get this party started!!!

Here are his parents Ursa and Ike and his Grandpa's ... can you see the resemblance to his family ...
Mom - Sow's Ear Ursa
Dad - Sandbur's Icon (Ike)

Grandpa - Sow's Ear Julien
Grandpa - Sow's Ear Spago


bethechange21 said...

oh Sarah. I randomly posted a photo of Gracie in my Evildog group today on Flickr and came across the picture of Jane trying to smother Pete; I clicked through to your stream and saw you hadn't posted photos in a while and then remembered about your blog. And I'm sitting here crying at my desk reading this. I can only believe Jane had some say in all this serendipity. Can't wait to see your upcoming pics of this wee one.

Taryn said...

I am so happy for you! I am sure he will help heal your broken heart!

onecollie said...

omg!! cute!!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you would get a Jack. Once you've had one I really wonder if it is possible to not have one. My son moved out and took his Jack and Border/Jack with him. I missed having a Jack so much I got one of my own.

Welcome Mr Fitz :)

manymuddypaws said...

So happy for you and Pete! He certainly is adorable! Can't wait to meet him!

Sarah Duke said...

Congrats!! I love that you got a JRT instead of BC. Not because I like them more, just that, well, everyone needs one. I'm so happy for you and can't wait to read about Fitz.

Nicki said...

Congrats! He's a cutie!

Loretta Mueller said...

I am so very excited for you!!!! ABSOLUTELY adorable!! I do have a soft spot for the white dogs ;-) They are pretty darn special! :) I think a Jack is just what you need!!!