Friday, May 17, 2013

Generation Gap

14.5 year old Pleat, and 14.5 week old Fitz. They are good pals.

I got an email from Jenny telling me that Pleat has an 11 year old who is retiring after running the bluegrass this weekend ... That sure puts it into perspective how old he really is!

Happy weekend everyone!!


Sweetpea said...

Is there any way at all that I can convey how heartwarming this post was for me .... ?

Pleat, you ROCK!

Kristi said...

Nothing but LOVE for this pic! I can't decide which one I want to squeeze first. Rex sends shout-outs to Uncle Pleat!

furricane said...

our bc, bam bam has sired a litter with pleats daughter meg. she is due in 12 days. she is 6 years old. give pleat a hug from us, we think his daughter is incredible and so does her mommy nancy .

Nicki said...

Love what you have done with your header.