Thursday, May 30, 2013

Lessons in love and friendship

Fitz at 16 weeks old
This past weekend was another Agility Trial, plus I took a mini road trip after and ended up being gone 4 nights with the dogs. It was Fitz's first time in a hotel, and first big road trip (14 hours round trip) and he was awesome. He settles into whatever you want him to do with ease and like he's done it a million times before. Gyp is a great role model as she is calm and confident (in most places) and can adapt easily to her given environment, and that is rubbing of on Fitz.

Gyp ran great 5/5 we are in a good groove right now, and with Regionals next weekend, I hope we can keep that momentum. Little 6 year old Aislyn ran her too this weekend, and they earned another Jumpers Q and are now in Advanced if you can believe it. These 2 have a very special bond, and it's so sweet seeing them learn and grow together. Gyp is oh so patient, and never gets to far ahead of Acey. Gyp is a great teacher for her.  Aislyn took lots of responsibility of her over the weekend and they both enjoyed that extra special time walking, warming up and playing. What a great little friendship they have ... Here is a video of them together. 

WARNING: You might pass out from cuteness overload. You've been warned.

Onwards from Medicine Hat, Liz and I heading 5 hours east to visit Prairielight - Kaleb's Breeders. They have 2 litters (10 and 2) and we went to help assess the pups and get some stacked photos of them as they leave for their new homes shortly. I'm not gonna lie, I was most excited about seeing Ylva, Kaleb's sister. As soon as I saw her I cried, her mannerisms and that crazy zest for life. I spent a bit of time just with her a couple times that day, and it was good for my soul. I found out that of Kaleb's 9 other littermates, he was the first to go. At 11 years old that is amazing, but at the same time makes me so sad. He lived a grand life and I am so grateful for that but I miss him so much.  I feel I needed to take this trip to help with my healing process, and it helped. As hard as it was, I left there happy and feeling joy. But man, it makes me miss Kaleb. I had a good chat with his breeders and what a crazy boy he was, and how Hans like his flat-coats just on this side of crazy too. We got to take in some training, and Fitz had his first exposure to a Starter Pistol and the excitement that thrown bumpers from the sky bring. He loved it and even retrieved a couple himself (seriously) :)

Fitz learning about Field Training
Watching and learning
Kaleb's sister, Ylva
Oh how I miss this face. They are so similar.
Cute puppy overload!
Nice little female :)


Diana said...

Acey looks wonderful. Beautiful front cross! Fitz is just all that! Stunning !

onecollie said...

what a wonderful experience it is to go see breeders :) I have only been to Tate's breeders once back in 1994, I wish I could talk with them again
Ylva makes me cry too , every time I see her face, gosh, you'd think K was mine :(

Taryn said...

Love your new header!

Nicki said...

Those are very cute puppies!