Monday, March 30, 2009

Agility: more firsts ....

How much fun can you have in 12 hours?!! I doubt more than this .....

1 brutal snowstorm, a 2 hour trip taking 3 hours, 8 runs and 8 Q's, 2 new Titles, your mom forgetting to press record on your best run, one dead car battery, ...

Leave 5:45am
The roads were crap. They went from bad to worse, then good-ish then a total whiteout near High River. I thought about turning around, but we were over half way there when it got really bad. So on we go ....

Arrive at Arena 8:45
I rushed inside and there was 15 dogs until my turn when we arrived. Of course I didn't get to walk the Steeplechase course, something I have NEVER done, a FIRST! I warmed up each dog, ran the course, and each dog Qd! That was an adrenaline rush, I really had to think on my feet. Thank god it wasn't jumpers, I would have been screwed.

Next up was Standard.
Gyp was great, we just clicked all day! And she got her last Standard Q - and 1st Place needed for her Bronze Award of Merit (10 Masters Standards and 25 Masters Games) YAY Gyppie girl!

Kaleb ran super fast, for Kaleb :) and it was a run I was really proud of, he got a 3rd place and Q'd too!

Then Snooker!
ANOTHER FIRST: 4 - 7's with Gyp! We did it, we did it, we did it! We got our 4 7's (A-Frames) and finished to the end with a couple seconds to spare, it was oogly and pretty all at the same time!! This is the run my mom forgot to record ... she did however tape my warm-up, which I might actually post, because Gyp is cute.

Kaleb did great too! We did 2 - 7s and a 6, and he finished to the end with 5 seconds to spare!

Finally Steeplechase #2:
Gyp was great, and guess what we did 3 rear crosses, you pretty much had too, the courses were just made for them. She got a first and Q.

Kaleb just needed this last run for his Steeplechase Title, and he did it! I had pulled his from Steeplechase in the middle of last year, as in the regular times, he was always 2 seconds over, or 2 seconds under. I didn't like pushing him that hard, then we would get a bar or a missed contact, and he is not fast enough that he could have 5 faults + time. So now as a Vet he got his last 4 Steeplechases back to back. He is running so great right now, I am just thrilled with him.

The dead car battery:
I was in such a rush and I had my mom and another friend help me take my stuff in one load, I never went back out to see my vehicle ... and see that I had left my lights on ... thank you Geoff and Randy for the boost!

On the road home:
You would never know the roads were shit on the way there, they were a 2/10 on the way there, and a 10/10 on the way home!

Home by 5:30!!! How awesome is that!! What a day!


manymuddypaws said...

woohooo! that's awesome about Gyps Bronze! Sorry I missed it!

Jules said...


onecollie said...

Sarah, you make me tired!!!

Kim said...

That's awesome !!! Well, except for the snow storm and dead battery parts, but at least it will be a weekend you will never forget!

Sarah said...

ya, the middle stuff was all really good!!!!!

the start and finish - not so much haha!!!!