Monday, October 5, 2009

First Indoor Trial of the Year

We had a one day Agility Trial yesterday. Jo, Tag and me and my guys, hit the road just before 5am to be on the line for 8am.

First up, was the Masters Standard run:
Gyp had a pretty darn good run. 1st and Q. I have waiting her contacts out and having her hold them a little longer, and we have been working on my timing (not saying target too soon) and her driving into position faster. I need to not get to the end before her ALL the time as this is part of the problem. I need to vary my position more - like I do in training. I am able to challenge my handling overall, more and more with confidence so that feels really good.

K had a GREAT standard, he was givin' er. He placed 3rd/9 and Q'd. I was so proud of him in this run.

Next up, Masters Gamblers:
Gyp as up first again, and for some reason (not enough caffeine) I ran Kaleb's opening plan with her and got caught with no equipment to do at the end! SO we did every jump we could twice :) I was a little worried about the end gamble, but I kept my cool and she nailed it. Q!! YAY for GYP! YAY for me keeping cool! Not many Masters dogs got this one, it was tricky for sure.
Here is the end gamble:

Kaleb did great too, I ran the path I pretty much was supposed too, and he had no trouble with the end gamble either, even with his not so great contacts he did it!! Q!

This was probably one of the toughest courses I have ever ran. Looking at it on paper it looked like the numbers were just randomly placed :) I knew if I was focused enough that we could do it! I put my hat on backward :) and it was game on! I was soooooo proud of Gyp, she was responsive, fast and accurate - seems like the equation needed for these courses. She set the fastest time and was only beat by one other dog of all the Masters dog. In the end she was only 1 of 3 dogs to Q!! The other 2 being former world team dogs.

By the time I ran Kaleb, I had put all my mental effort into running Gyp and didn't have the greatest run with him. I kept up and happy with him, but I did not have my game face on.

Last but not least, Masters Jumpers:
Again Gyp was up first ...
I was so proud of this run, as Amanda said "Could you have put in any more front crosses?", no I couldn't have, that was as many as you could do on that course :) I managed to stay ahead of her from the time of our 3 obstacle lead out. It felt so smooth and timing felt right. Gyp has the fastest time in the whole class ... but she had one bar. But I was so happy with the run, I actually forgot she had even taken the bar down!

Kaleb, oh Kaleb ...
Jolayne ran Kaleb for me, well tried. He was so focused on me I actually had to tell him to go with her while she was sitting on the start line giving me love eyes. He would run around the course looking for me while going over jumps etc etc. It was flattering for me, but didn't do Jo any favours in the quest to handle other dogs to practice her timing and get a feel for running other dogs ... Jo next trial you can run Gyp :) I promise it will go better :)

I love my dogs.

Our students rocked too! I'll be updated the GDG blog soon, congrats to you all!!!


manymuddypaws said...

you had a great day! Gyp was rocking that Challenge course- you handled it great! and you are doing really well with your contacts- you know what you have to do the trick is to remember while running the course!

kaleb and jo were pretty funny. Poor Jo!

Kim said...

What a great way to kick off the indoor season!

TAG ALONG said...

You seriously kicked ass on the Challenge Course and it was incredible to watch. I think it's the hat...LOL ...maybe I should wear it backwards...on my starter jumpers course.

K-man and I had fun and yeah he is a mamma's boy but it was a fantastic day and it was great to end my day with a goof ball :0)

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