Monday, October 26, 2009

Training Troop: Results, Video

It was a great weekend at Training Troop. I was dumb and didn't write down the real specifics, but I do know ... what we messed up on and what we did good on, and most placements and all that.

The short and sweet version:
Gyp ran 6/8 and placed 1st in all her classes that she Q in. All 3 Standards, Gamblers, Jumpers and Steeplechase. She was on, feeling good and super pumped all weekend. She had some really fast top 3 times in her standards and had the 2nd highest points in Gamblers with 104. I just remembered she also got her VBA (Versatility Bronze Award - 3 Masters Events with 10+ Q's), her 10th Gamble this weekend earned her that one.

I had a couple DUH moments, like in Snooker where I missed the 'B' in the 'A & B' combo (I didn't walk the closing correctly) ... she did what I asked. Snooker as the last event of a REALLY long weekend, sometimes gets the best of people!!! I ran in properly with K after my screw up with Gyppie. Amanda and I switched dogs for Team ... it was fun, we each had faults, but that should be its own blog post :)

I am really feeling like Gyp and I are clicking, and I don't walk courses questioning so much how I will handle them with her (and I don't give in to peer pressure :) ), and I never think "I can't get there" anymore, I know I can, and those silly thoughts in my head hold me back. It is a really nice feeling to go there and trust her skills, and have her trust me. Our contacts have improved too (sticking to my criteria and my timing, the "friendly" reminders from Amanda have helped).

Gyp also got worked on by "Magic Hands" Susan on Sunday. She has had a little tightness in her back area causing a bit of uneven movement I noticed last week, and I knew it was time to get some adjustments. Gyp really loves being worked on and the benefits are long lasting. She worked miracles on Kaleb over the last couple years. She did a quick once over Kaleb, but knock on wood, he is doing great.

The man, the legend the K-man ... hehe ... Kaleb had a great weekend too, he ran 4/8, just a few little bobbles on some runs a missed contact on our Gamble, but his energy and enthusiasm remained over 8 runs. I was very proud of him this weekend, his standard times were really good. He brought home 2 Standards, and Jumpers and a Snooker ... getting closer to Gold :)

It was hard not having Jane there, and a few people asked where she was. Well she was at home and got spoiled by Pete ...

Oh and we won the Costume Contest for best Handler/Dog Team ... photos to come :)
(thanks for letting me borrow Wicca as Jane's stand in, Amanda)

Here are some videos:

Gyp and Kaleb on the same Standard run - I pretty much handle them the same, but sometimes there are areas I need to really pick K up, and I never lead out as far with him either, so I handle a bit different in those instances. He also doesn't have the independence Gyp has on contacts so I have to handle for that also ... ENJOY!


manymuddypaws said...

you and Gyp are a fantastic Team, and really are working well together. your runs with her always look so easy that you make us all jealous. :o)

Sarah said...

thanks :) it's more Gyp than me :)

funny that you didn't mention my runs with Kaleb looking easy ... man that dog is a lot of work ...

manymuddypaws said...

lol kaleb is a lot of work. i know from experience. :o) the once or twice i've run him was enough.