Wednesday, October 7, 2009

season's change

I have a photo project I am working on with Gyp -"52 weeks for Dogs", once a week, for 52 Weeks I have to take one photo of her. It is a challenge to come up with creative unique ideas, but I love it as it has given me an outlet beyond my creative brain drain at work.

Within the project I am showcasing areas around our city and highlighting anything interesting we might have done over the year, like travelling. I am also showcasing Gyp in the same location (a place we go a few times a week) in each changing season ....

Autumn ... (week 40)

Summer ... (week 26)

Early Spring ... (week 18)
Stay tuned for Gyp's Winter photo
(what I hope will be my last photo - week 52) ...

If you'd like to see Gyp's 52 Weeks photo collection, click here.

I plan to make a book of Gyp's year when it is all done. It will be fun look back at it.

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