Wednesday, April 7, 2010

92 days

It's been 92 days since my injury. a long f'ing 92 days.

The last 2 weeks have been awesome - the best yet. I've got yet ANOTHER Knee Brace. I've named it "Knee Brace 5.0" - as it is my 5th Brace, I like to name things, it's what I do. Really it is, people pay me to name things.

I also have custom foot orthotic 2.0 and they are great. Instead of just supportive like the first set I had made, these are corrective, and I can run so much better in combination with the Knee Brace 5.0 and Foot Orthotic 2.0.

It's OK if you picture me like Forrest Gump, you wouldn't be the first one to call me that. I don't mind, he could run really fast and played ping pong like nobody's business.

I'm at the Gym 4 days a week now and picked up the intensity with more biking, I've added the treadmill with 2-3 of jogging/running over 5-6 minutes, wobble board squats and a TON of stretching, and no pain while doing so. I'm bumped up my "Agility Training" at Physio, and that is really good for my confidence. My sore leg muscles are another story, but I am getting my strength back, and my right leg is 1" thinner than my left, so I have a way to go. I have some weird muscle and tendon things so on, so if I keep that all under control it really helps big time. I usually heat my leg in the morning before i stretch and before i go to the Gym to help loosen things up quicker, then I am still icing after exercise.

THE BIGGEST NEWS ... last night at training I Front Crossed, more than once, and pretty darn well - I got better as I went. I could keep up with Gyp again (mostly) and I did a couple threadles, serps and push-thrus. I still have a way to go until I am back 100% to how I would LIKE to be handling, but heck, I am pretty proud of my progress so far in the past 2-3 weeks.

I am thinking positive and keeping my head up and knee aligned, and hopefully that will be enough to get back, better than ever.


Taryn said...

It sure sounds like you are well on your way to being recovered! It also sounds like you can handle alot more exercise with a bad knee than most people do without the injury! You outlook seems much more positive as well!

Erin Crossman said...

I understand your pain, both mental and physical. My knee was broken (other injuries too)when I was hit and run over by a car (so was Chase) out walking years back...some people shouldn't be driving LOL! It was a LONG recovery, tons of therapy and those front crosses took much longer to feel comfortable with :) Thankfully I do a lot of rears with Zephyr anyway!!
Glad you're feeling better, I know the "carpet ripped out from under me" feeling with an injury!!

Diana said...

Im so glad its finally getting better. Diana

Sarah said...

Thanks guys :)

wow Erin, i had no idea!

I am thankful I can do rear crosses (almost as well) with my guys too, otherwise i would be some kind of screwed.

Kamie said...

SO glad you are doing better. Knee injuries suck and tend to happen soo often with agility handlers.

Jules said...

Hey!! So glad it sounds like you are making progress. That is great news!

Loretta Mueller said...

That is awesome girl! I hope things continue to look up in the healing department!!!!