Monday, April 26, 2010

a weekend quickie

a weekend quickie update ... that is.

saturday. one day trial. 2 dogs entered. i didn't fall. my knee and leg hurt a bit and was stiff, but it didn't stop me, nope, not gonna happen. iced it heated, repeat as necessary. it's a little better each time i'm in the ring. i'm a little determined and stubborn.

kaleb ran 4 runs, Qd in all 4. yep, it's true. he ran great. and i handled him pretty well. spunky monkey. love that boy, really love that boy. sometimes i want to kill him though. stephan ran him for me in jumpers got a Q with him. he is the hardest dog on the planet to run, but also super fun. i can almost taste the gold, we are getting closer each trial. i got asked 4 times this weekend how old kaleb was. for the record he is 8, years old. true story.

gyp was entered in 3 runs and Qd in 2. i'm too chicken shit to run her in snooker, not sure when it will happen again. made our jumpers re-debut. first in 3 months. Q'd in one, a bar in the other, i stutter stepped. she looked at me over the jump. it wasn't awesome, but not horrible. i need to get better on my feet. i did get 3 jumps ahead for a FC I didn't think I would get too, and I did it, almost the best moment of the weekend. i'm still a little cumbersome, though i am getting my speed back. i want to run like i know i can. she is a great dog, so responsive, and so forgiving. i couldn't ask for more. always does the right thing. love her, really love her. i love her big feet too.

our students and training group did awesome. like really awesome. almost had tears in my eyes for the dogs who made their first run debuts. i want a puppy.

sunday i travelled an hour one way to do an open obedience routine. it was totally worth it. once of kaleb's best efforts yet. we are clicking in the obedience ring, our confidence is getting better together. got some great tips handler wise. he was on. he didn't bark once in his out of sight stays. it's a bloody miracle, there is a first time for everything. amazing how actually putting time into training something pays off ...

that's all.

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