Wednesday, July 13, 2011

4 days of pure awesome.

Day 1 and 2
This past weekend, we spent 2 days redoing our Agility Equipment - not just a new coat of paint ... new wood, new welds, new paint. It is still not done which means another trip back to Jan & Dave's to finish it off, but man it will be AWESOME! Dave and Pete worked their butts off and Jan, Amanda and I were all covered in paint :) We had fun hanging out in between with everyone and Amanda and her gang too who were there and had some great food and laughs too, thanks to our awesome hosts :)

Day 3
Monday, Jolayne, Aislyn and I met up with our friend Ericka and took in a day of the Stampede ... watched some awesome Stockdoggin', went on the Ferris wheel and felt nauseous (WIMP) and ate some carnival food.

Day 4
My fam arrived Sunday night from Saskatoon, and we've been enjoying having them here too! We packed up on Tuesday and headed to Waterton. It was an awesome day, one I will remember forever, we got to take Jane - she is often left out of hikes now because she wanted walk more than a little jaunt, we also have to keep her out of the heat, and can't have her panting. The weather was wicked just warm enough, some clouds and hardly any wind.

janey and me.

Bowzer bounding :)

I LOVE SUMMER. please don't end anytime soon, mmmK? thanks.


Taryn said...

Funny, you say you love summer, standing there in a long sleeve jacket:-) I can only dream of needing a jacket at this point in our summer. Today is going to be 97F (36C) with super high humidity! Going outdoors is barely an option!

Beautiful scenery in those last few shots! You live in a beautiful area!

manymuddypaws said...

I am so glad that Janie got to go on the day trip. I bet it really lifted her spirits.

The equipment stuff was surprisingly fun- there is always plenty of entertainment with Kaleb around. Remind me to send you the tape photos. lol