Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Keep Agility fun - duh.

This weekend Gyp made her CKC Agility debut - she had to run Novice courses which are super open, super short - and SUPER FUN!! We had a blast. She finished her Novice titles with all first placements and had the fastest times of all Novice dogs - she really isn't a Novice dog, and I know that ... but they all have to work their way through the ranks like anyone else. It was nice to run with no pressure at all, the courses hardly took any time to walk - just go out, enjoy my dog and have a blast with her!!!

Some highlights were her 7.5 YPS Jumpers with Weaves Course, the fact that my knee didn't hurt at all as I really didn't work that hard. Gyp also made her Scent Hurdle Debut and even came home with a few points - she is like a big dog now!!!!!!!! And the most fun was taking Amanda and Kim's challenge to run the last Novice Standard as a Gamble - what a blast!!!! Oh ya and I won the 50/50 draw at the end of the weekend - CHA CHING (well $40 ... but I'll take it!)

Kaleb also was entered. He ran 4 events and now that CKC has a Veterans Class he was able to jump 16" and finish his Excellent JWW title!! YAY!!! He also placed first in his 2 qualifying classes - with the second fastest times of all the Ex dogs if you can believe it!

It was a great weekend and our group did great, and the Kennel Club hosted a really nice friendly trial.

Here are the videos highlights ...


onecollie said...

LOL!! loved the novice standard "gamble" !!!!

Diana said...

Great runs!!!