Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Better late than never. I'd prefer never. thanks.

I know the saying better late than never has many positive connotations ... but when it comes to Kaleb, and his aging ... I'd rather have never. He had his "Geriatric" I HATE THAT WORD check-up yesterday for a few things I was concerned about.

hitchin' a ride.

I don't want him to get old.
I don't want to see grey hairs.
I don't want to see him sleeping more than he used too.
(OK actually it is kind of nice to have him more quiet in the house :) :)
I don't want to see his skin so flared up he is uncomfortable and on mega antibiotics to clear up his seasonal allergies which came REALLY late this year.
I don't want to see his vision not sharp as a tack as it once was.
I didn't want to find out he has cataracts forming.
I don't want to see a specialist regarding the mass forming on his eye ball.
I don't want to keep finding lumps.
I don't want to wait for results from having 3 lumps aspirated yesterday.
I don't want to admit he is 9.5 years old.

crazy for water :: 31/52

I thought he had found the fountain of youth, I thought he was invincible, but I guess he is a regular dog like all of the others.


andrea said...

scary about the eye ... and I'm with you I hate the aging process for my friends and family too

hang in there

Judy said...

I guess thats how life is...kind of distressing. ....except he lives life in the moment and he doesn't give a crap about all that stuff but he probably wonders what the heck his "Mama" is getting worry lines about.

Diana said...

Ugh, getting old sucks.

cj said...

As Agnes Sligh Turnbull said: "Dogs’ lives are too short. Their only fault, really." I'm sorry to read about Kaleb's vet results. I know how devastating a pet's aging can be. But take heart in the active life you give your pooches and all the ways you'll be able to help them age gracefully now that you're a Canine Body Worker. You have so much more to offer your dogs (and have done so much more already) than most people even think about. I realize it's small consolation to you, but you can bet Kaleb, Gyp, and Janey are grateful.

Blazingstar said...

Oh Sarah, I hope that none of those little things are of any importance - usually they aren't. I understand how you are feeling, but after having lost several dogs waaaay too young... I sort of look forward to having a dog that has some innocuous old dog lumps and bumps, white hairs and harmless cataracts...I know that must sound odd, but I think you get what I mean. Huxley had all of those things :-) Kaleb has aged incredibly well and to be still running agility at his age is amazing! Fingers crossed that your worries are unfounded and the lumps and bumps are nothing other than badges of old age.

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