Monday, January 30, 2012

acceptance and sincerity.

Terry Simons was here this weekend from sunny California. Terry and I always have great conversations outside of the seminar - a 2 hour drive each way to pick him up and drop him off really gives me a chance to pick his brain and talk about the weekend ahead and how the weekend went. We talk about our students - yes probably you :) I get some extra insight in to how I and (we - Amanda included) might better our training and teaching. He really enjoys coming to our group - we are small but mighty :)

This weekend for me, was about Acceptance and Sincerity ...

This weekend was not without it's share of tears - the tears and laughter seemed to go hand in hand. Terry honoured Tag by being the first dog to have a donation made in his honour in his new canine Cancer foundation CLEAR. We toasted Tag in a private dinner with a fine bottle of Champagne. We presented Jo with a painting - cried more - and I hope it helped Jo in her healing process. A sincere gesture goes along way, it seems to help with the process of acceptance .. as crappy as the reality is.

The last week, and this weekend has really put into perspective our relationships with our dogs. Their lives are short, some unfairly shorter than others.

Love the dog you have. Accept them for who they are.

They accept us unconditionally.

Always give your dog a sincere effort, they will give you that back. And really, I think that is what creates a great working relationship - perhaps not just with our dogs, but with our human relationships too. I observed this over the weekend - it was nice to step back and observe our students and have them improve and learn under the guidance of Terry - and see the ones who truly put in a sincere effort get something back from their dog.

I've figured out that you can fool a human into thinking you are being sincere, and everything is OK - but I have yet to meet a dog who can't see through that.

Gyp and I had a great weekend - I really wanted Terry to push me this weekend and he did. I learned a ton, tried new things, trusted my dog, had fun, went all out, and she put in all the effort I could ever ask for back. I only worked Kaleb a little - he crashed a jump and didn't seem quite right the rest of the day I worked him. He again, put in a great effort - maybe a little too much ...

I do my best to accept my dogs for who they are - I don't try to change their spirit, and make them conform to me. I don't make them something they are not - I want them to be happy and be the best dog they can. Interesting though, they have certainly changed me - and that is what I am thankful for everyday.

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Stacey said...

oh i love this, especially this bit

"Love the dog you have. Accept them for who they are.

They accept us unconditionally.

so true. love this post

manymuddypaws said...

gyppie's nose does look exceptionally pointy in this photo.

and ditto. ;)