Tuesday, January 3, 2012

no snow means more fun!

We've been taking advantage of this awesome winter weather, i hope I am not jinxing it by writing about it :) I have yet to wear my new gloves and toque I got for Christmas ... I'm sure winter will come ... but for now I'm enjoying being able to be outside and as much as I am in the summer months, hitting our usual trails in the coulees and in the 'hood with no ice or snow. No toque, no mitts, no boots ... no problem.

We've also been enjoying taking a few more herding lessons this winter (look no winter coat!) ... I hope it stays that way as we are both really enjoying it - I'm not sure who's head hurts more afterwards, mine or Gyp's. We are learning alot of new concepts, and the more I learn, the less I know ... but it is fun, and I like the challenge of learning this sheep game. And thankfully Gyp is patient with me ... and so are my instructors :)

Another highlight of my day was meeting little Alice :) she is a Don x Gin pup of Scott and Jenny's that I really wanted to steal, oh puppy breath, puppy fuzz and puppy butts! I've got puppy fever BAD!

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