Friday, January 13, 2012

he did it again! (something good this time)

For the 5th year in a row, Kaleb is the #1 Flat-coated Retriever in Canada in AAC Agility!

He'll be 10 years old in a couple months, so who knows what this year will bring, but knock on wood he'll be healthy and sound as he has always been.

What a journey with this boy ... I lost count at title number 40, but I think it is past 50 now. Oh to reminisce about the good 'ol days when he would steal people's toys from their bags and f-off over a 4' fence and wait to see if I would give in - he was such a bastard, let's not forget about pissing on top the A-frame and while running across the dogwalk ... good-bye testicles. He is such a wonderful working dog, and I'm glad I haven't squashed his spirit in the process, it would have been really easy to do with such a "high-spirited" dog. Kaleb can be a difficult dog, ya he is happy and fun, and everyone sees that side of him, but he is a complicated mix of being sensitive and dominant and really FUCKING pushy. As long as he is convinced it's a game, a super fun game - and he plays them by my rules, and I'm consistent to a T ... he will give you %150 percent, any time, any place. More than any of my others dogs, I've learned patience, lost my patience, practiced patience again ... repeat until exhausted. I've also learned how my emotions effect a training session or even being in the ring. I had MAJOR nerve issues in Obedience with him, and do this day I still can't believe I got through his CDX without the help of prescriptions drugs or booze. I learned "I have to be my best, for him to be his best", and that is something I will carry though for the rest of my dogs, for the rest of life, in every venue I endeavor in.

Good job buddy, you're an ass, but I love you ... keep on runnin'

One of my favourite K agility shots, from 2008 Nationals in Sussex, New Brunswick.

4 in the air


Mandy said...

I love K, he's my most favourite ass of them all!

oddman said...

Yay for Kaleb! I know how hard you have to work for all he's given you - don't it make you feel good though? What a great TEAM you are!


gussysmom said...

He's awesome! And you bring out the best in him. Keep up the good work!

Diana said...

Congrats, thats wonderful!!