Thursday, January 28, 2010

Another one bites the dust.

Poor Jane broke another front tooth this week ... it was hanging by a thread, so the Vet yanked it and she hardly noticed. There is just a wee bit of root, but it should close over and heal just fine. Good news considering putting her under again is a big risk. But, I just can't let her go through life looking like a hillbilly. She deserves so much more.

This bitch, needs bling, and the more diamonds the better.
How embarrassing ... look at her big gummy, grammy gap.

So, when the going gets tough, the tough get GRILLZ ... diamond GRILLZ biatches! Only the best ICE for my girl.

Just like T-pain, Jane sports the ICE.
hmmm what would her rapper name be?

Despite the tooth loss, the Queen B is doing just fine ... as you can clearly see.


Sarah said...

the grillz are courtesy of my photoshopping skillz, they are not real people!!!!!

Jules said...

hah! I was going to ask what you used. poor Jane. At least the removal was painless and she didn't have to go under.

Judy said...

AAHH poor Jane, thought she had an extra gap there...good thing she has the fancy clothes..and of course the diamond collar

Michelle said...

So funny! I love the bling - she looks like she could rock it!

Loretta Mueller said...