Sunday, January 31, 2010

Healing and Heeling

Here is Gyppie heeling from last weekends Rally Fun Match, she scored a 98.

It has been 3 weeks since the "knee incident" and let me tell you this has not been easy, this past week being the worst as I have had to come to some brutal realizations: probably not running in yet another Agility seminar this weekend (well I'll do as much as I can), I pulled from an Agility Trial I was REALLY looking forward too, another week of not walking my dogs, I could go on, but it is too depressing. I am an active person: Gym 3-4 times a week, running and walking with the dogs, training with dogs, and it has all been turned upside down. A major part of my life involves running ... more so than I thought it did!!

But on a good note I've been able to train more Obedience because it is all I can do really, well that and feel sorry for myself and mope. We've worked on some proofing in Agility and I can play agility from a distance, but I much prefer to handle and run my dogs, it's what I do, the distance work gets boring, and my guys are pretty good at it anyway, considering that is all we have done for 3 weeks, there is only so much you can work on.

We had another Fun Match this weekend, and the practice is REALLY paying of. Gyp scored 194 in Novice, and a 194 last weekend!!!! She is confident and attentive and most of all she has fun, her sweet smiling face and wagging tail say it all.

K scored a 196.5 in Novice - a warm up for Open. I was confident in the ring this weekend, and once again it showed in K's performance, I had to intervene at the high jump again, as his gawking caused him to almost miss it so we got a bog fat "0'. Though we didn't get a passing score because of it, his marks were great, at would have been a 195 if he had perfect marks on his high jump. He barked a couple times in each out of sight stay. I'll take it, it is progress. My ring etiquette is getting better, I really need real ring experience, like these past 2 weekend matches. I'm a even talking about putting him the ring this spring .... exciting and scary :P


Anonymous said...
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Michelle said...

She looked so good! So attentive. Sorry to hear the knee is still giving you problems, hopefully you'll be back in action soon!