Monday, January 11, 2010

Trial and Error

First Agility Trial of the Year with AWESOME courses this weekend. Go Dog Go had 11 dogs entered! More on that in another post (OMG did they seriously rock)

My mindset going in, was push myself, trust my dogs and go for it. I didn't have specific Q goals or need any runs for any titles. We are working on a couple of biggies, but I am not running with that top of mind, as it will come when it comes, and we are getting closer. Videos will be posted soon.

Gyppie girl.
She Q'd in Gamblers with 48 points in her opening and aced the end gamble.

The Challenge course is what kept my adrenaline going all weekend. She was so responsive and I like to think I handled her the best I could (until I threadled her into a jump I shouldn't have), BUT even with that extra added obstacle on the way to the dogwalk, she still have the fastest time of all the dogs entered. What a rush, we didn't Q, but it was one of the best runs all weekend, and a GREAT way to start the year.

She was ON all weekend. She got ALL 3 of her Standard Q's and had the 2nd, 3rd and 3rd fastest times of ALL the Masters dogs, all within 1/2 a second of the fastest. Her contacts were the best yet, and those weave entries, wowsers, and I have never felt so confident in my handling with her - I am now more confident in handling her than Kaleb, how scary is that?? (She is now at 23 Masters Standards ... 2 more until her SILVER!!)

Jumpers was a good course, we were doing great until the second last obstacle when I stepped in her path and pulled her off the jump so we got a refusal, but it too felt smooth and effortless ... until that point :)

Steeplechase was good, great course, and a Q.

The K-man
He ran a GREAT gamble, got his 12 weave mini, ended with 39 points, and aced the end gamble for a Q!

I had him entered in 2 Standards and he placed 3rd/13 in both and Qd!! He was looking a little stiff in the Weave poles Saturday, but Sunday he was limber and flexible like normal. I am cutting back his weaving at trials, and trying to limit it to 2 sets a day.

I got him a little too over the top for jumpers ... We played with a new tug toy and I did not getting enough focus before the ring - just got him high! he was a maniac!! Took 2 off courses and just kept running!! He had a blast and I didn't mind the enthusiasm ... I just wish it was directed in my direction!

He also brought home a Q in Steeplechase, a really good run for him, he loves those wide open spaces!

Last run of the weekend ... Gyppie and I were having an awesome Snooker Run, and we didn't even get tweeted ... the last thing I remember is hitting the ground, the next 5 minutes were a blur as I was in shock, i still actually don't even remember walking out of the arena very vividly.

Have you ever heard what a knee cap sound like when it comes out of it's socket, goes right, while the leg goes left, and the person hits the ground like a tonne of bricks? Let's just say it is really loud, and hurts like a son-of-a-bitch!!

I just posted on my blog, how happy I am with my fitness and my knee, and the progress I have made. I am really mad, sad, depressed, defeated and did I mention mad? I go through life worrying about my dogs every second of the day, and it never even occurred to me, that it could be ME who might not be able to run. fuck.

Luckily I have great friends and family ... thanks to everyone who helped out with me and my dogs yesterday. My mom brought me some crutches today, 'cause the cane was not working :), a great friend pulled some strings and I have a Dr's appt. at 4:45 today with a great Doctor. I will know more tonight. How amazing is that?

p.s. Gyp is freaked out by the crutches. Surprised?


Anonymous said...

Oh dear Sarah! Fingers crossed that the knee is back to normal as fast as possible. Sounds like a great weekend til then! Those crutches can be quite scary - poor Gyp. Hopefully she'll get used to them soon (would be even better if you don't have to use them for long!).
Sending healing vibes.

manymuddypaws said...

glad you took the doctors appointment- how awesome is Ray!

you had a great weekend, up until that point anyway. Gyp is seriously amazing.

Taryn said...

I heard about your spill over on Amanda's blog this morning. So sorry you are injured! You are young so I am sure you will heal up just fine! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Visichy said...

Congrats on the great runs. Boo on the injury. I hope you heal quickly and are running again in no time.

Marcy said...

Good luck at the Dr!!

Tammy Moody said...

Damn! Here's to quick healing and future runs.

I hope you are back to your normal self in no time.

Diana said...

Congrats about your dogs runs! Sorry about the knee, that must of hurt like all get out. I hope the doctor has some good news. Diana

fulltiltbcs said...

Lots of positive thoughts for you!!!!

Katrin said...

Good luck at the drs! Hope it's a quick recovery!

Deirdre said...

If you want I'll ask Craig to carve you a new knee. What's your preference - cherry, oak, mahogany is always nice.

Anonymous said...

Great post. I was going to write something similar. Will check this blog more often I think.

Anonymous said...

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