Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Limp for Joy!

Well I am learning to look on the brightside with my knee injury ... I can walk ... I wish I could run, but hey, I don't need my crutches. The knee is still swollen, but I can bend it now about 90 degrees, whereas 2 days ago it as 45 degrees. My other leg bends 120 just to give you an idea. It still throbs and aches and walking up and down stairs is FUN!

I got my knees X-rayed today and I was fitted for 2 knee braces today and custom foot Orthotics for my near non-existent arches. My current (old) knee brace was so worn and stretched and the support was compressed, and compared to the new shiny one I have now and the actual piece needed to keep my knee from going right, well lets just say, it was no longer secure to the actually brace and flopping around like my knee was on Sunday ... I had no idea, and well that is a big, costly and painful realization.

The custom arch supports were made from my foot and will help keep my knees aligned, as well as my non-existent right ankle ligament from giving away too and rolling as it sometimes does, which then causes the knee to be what hold me up - and if that gives way, well we all know what happens .... (previous ankle sprains did that ligament in, I had no idea either!)

I talked to my trainer and I have a few things I can do in the meantime, until the swelling goes down, but I can't even begin physio until the swelling is 100% gone, which could be even a couple more weeks ... as it is still pretty much what it was 3 days ago.

I'll have the results of the X-rays in a couple days, and the MRI ... well I have my appointment booked ... for June. I guess my injury isn't life threatening, just F'ING annoying!

The day I can walk my dogs again, will be an exciting one. The day I can run, let's just say I might not stop, you know like when Forrest Gump ran across the country when he realized he could run.



Jules said...

Ouch! I hope you heal quickly!

Katrin said...

Ouch! Well I guess you have better news than you might have though so that is a positive. No surgery, right? No surgery is always a good thing! Hope it heals fast!!

Jenny Glen said...

I should send you Laddie and you could recover together! I think he's walking better than you now but remember what you told me about his recovery? Patience.

kristina said...

ough that's sound ouchy =o( hope your knees heal soon

Michelle said...

Oh, that's too bad. I hope you heal up quickly and the new gear helps you out.

fulltiltbcs said...

That sucks...but it can ALWAYS BE will be back running in no time...until then? Drink... :)