Friday, March 5, 2010

if it feels good, do it.

WARNING: this post contains Agility content. As well as a "Knee" update.

We had our last Agility League last night, we had 5 over the winter months and it was great to see the progress in everyone.

I had to sit out the last 2 leagues because of my knee injury, but last night I RAN! I RAN! I led out about 50' on the start line and I am happy to say, I handled the course pretty well. If there is one good thing about me being injured I can't over run - which has been a n issue with my handling at times - but I like to go fast!!!! My body still isn't moving like it should and my dogs pick up on that a bit, which I don't want, I don't want them to be confused, but alteast they are responding even if what I am telling them isn't how I normally do, so they are still doing the correct things, based on that - what good dogs. So I have to be sure to follow through with more verbal or a verbal directional if I need it - a good tip from Amanda.

Amanda also ran Gyp and K for me, and WOW they did great with her - Kaleb's run was only 4 seconds behind Gyp and Wicca's!!!! Now that is fast! She is my pinch hitter next weekend at the Trial in case there is a course I can't run, or if I am too sore. Though I am hoping that since I only entered Standards they will be kinder to my body. I am dreading these courses to have threadles and tight front crosses as I still don't have the lateral movement and pivoting yet. But I can RUN DAMMIT! I CAN RUN!!! But I really do want to do a front cross and give'er 100%, but beggers, can't be choosers, this is progress!! :) It's been a good gauge for me in my recovery, since I know where I was at before physically, I still have a way to go.

Healing wise I would say I'm at 85%, a ways to go until 100% as I have hit a plateau somewhat in my recovery, now I need to start pushing it even more. I've been at the gym 3 or more times a week and walking the dogs everyday again YAY - even on uneven ground.

Yesterday at physio I did one legged wobble board squats!! Woo hoo! My left (good leg) is much more stable and stronger than my right, but it is also somewhat in my head too. I am slowly being convinced my knee is stronger than I think it is. I was actually able to do a few one legged wobble board squats on the right leg by the end!! YAY!

Then the next challenge was ladder work again, but this time on one foot zig zagging - the first steps in getting that lateral and pivoting movement back! Again, the left leg has much more spring too it and I didn't need my other foot to balance at all. Where as when I was on my right (bad leg) it was much more weak and I needed to stabilize my self twice as much. I was reminded by my therapist, that I did nothing on it for a month. and only another month has passed ... oh right, patience.

And the best part of all of that, there was no pain!! My leg is still compensating though, and I continue with the stretching and strengthening regime twice a day to keep everything loose and limber. The pain is almost gone entirely now, I rarely get spasms and most of the swelling has gone ... 2 months later.

my daily position, working with my laptop on the couch, and a rotating heating pad to loosen up my hamstrings, quads and calfs. I've been able to cut icing my knee back to only after exercise YAY!! The kinesio tape is to help support the knee cap, keep pressure off /keep swelling down and well it looks bad ass too.

March 17th is the the big day ... I see the Orthopedic specialist ... I'm happy that is happening on St. Paddy's Day ... good news or bad, either way a lot of green beer will be consumed.


manymuddypaws said...

YAY for a running Sarah!


Sarah said...

YAY for a running Amanda, running my dogs too LOL

Diana said...

WhooHoo!!!! Diana

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dogsmom said...

I can feel your energy in your words. You are really an inspiration!
Hoping for the rest of your healing to go quickly.