Tuesday, March 2, 2010

my exciting life.

have you ever wondered what goes on in people's every day life, you know the stuff that no one really gives a shit about?

well here is how exciting my life has been in the past 3 days ...

the biggest news is i touched my right foot to my butt for the first time in 10 years, not once but twice in the last 3 days, my left foot has always been able to touch itself to it's left buttock friend. but not the right one, YAY for physio, YAY for my foot touching my ass.

i bought new runners. they are pretty. i hate white runners - they get dirty and look grey in minutes. so I bought grey runners to fix that problem.

i love my little family.

i wish my knee would let me do a front cross.

i trimmed kaleb's hobbit feet, i think he is 10 pounds lighter.

i bought wicked awesome unpressed apple juice form costco. it is murky and gross looking but tastes like a fresh apple.

i broke my glasses, i hated them anyways, so i'm glad they broke. but now i need to buy new ones.

i am sad the olympics os over.

i am procrastinating from my REAL work my writing this post.

now was that exciting or what?


manymuddypaws said...



Taryn said...

I think my own is just about that exciting as well!

Jenilee said...

LOL...love it...

Maureen said...

well at least you didn't go into too much detail, lol.