Monday, May 3, 2010

gone to the dogs.

I travelled my fourth weekend in a row to Calgary ... why don't I live there I ask myself? Then I drive on Deerfoot in Monday morning Rush Hour traffic, then it all comes back to me.

Saturday Amanda organized an Obed/rally fun match here in town, I just stayed for the Obedience part. K is entered in Open for the first time in a couple weeks (GULP), and the more ring experience the better - for me more than him! I am happy to report he was great! He scored a 194.5, barked 3 times in his out of sight stays and was overall a very good boy. I just need to remember to keep my body a little less animated on recalls etc. Jane was amazing in Novice, retirement has been good to her, she placed 1st and scored a 197.5, won a super cool toy and Gyppie scored a 193 for 4th place. I'm feeling more confident about getting in the ring now. We've done 3 full run throughs in 2 weeks, and each time is better. Here's hoping we can keep it together in 2 weeks from now. I've got a list of reminders like I use in Agility, and hopefully that will help me keep my cool.

Sunday I heading up to Calgary with Gyppie for Terry Simon's seminar, it ran in a Trial format with feedback after each run. We ran 3 Challenge courses and 1 Mas. Jumpers. Gyp ran great, but was really tired by the end of the day. I pushed myself and was happy with most of my handling, lots of crazy discrimination, and lots of tough handling to be had (lots of cool things to set up again). The funniest thing was her 20/20 on the Table, she jumps up right into position ... um perhaps we should train that differently? She was the only dog in the seminar to Q in the second and third Challenge classes we ran - I don't run for the Qs, I let the cards fall as they may, and they fell good on those 2 runs. She always gives me 110%, and I was happy I was able to to do the same for her this weekend. My knee was pretty sore in the morning, but by the afternoon, it didn't feel to bad, I'm getting more used to my brace each time I run in it.

I stayed overnight at Jan and Dave's Sunday night, and Gyp fit right in with their shelties :)

Gyppie had an appointment with Dr.Devall this morning so it saves another trip to Calgary if I can do it all at once. Dr. Devall took about an hour with us and did some adjustments on Gyp, some laser on her lower lumbar area as well as some acupuncture. Gyp just loves her and follows her around the room begging for more cookies. I wanted to take her in to checked out after a hard day of running - so I know what I am dealing with. And yesterday's courses were more than she would run in a single days training or at a Trial in one day. She was a little sore in her lower lumbar, and her inner thigh area - just tired muscles - well so are mine, her neck was loosy-goosy and her shoulders felt good too. After Treatment she re-checked her and things seem to have loosened up, so that is good! I have some chinese herbs that combined with her other supplements should help with fast recovery times after heavy exercise. I think I might take them for myself too LOL I am fascinated with the kind of preventative treatments we can do with our dogs to keep them in top shape. She goes back next month and hopefully her and I will be in tip-top shape come regionals. I see my massage therapist tomorrow and my MRI is Thursday this week, I'm anxious, nervous and excited to get a (hopefully) final diagnosis on my knee and area issues.

Now back to regular scheduled reality ...

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