Monday, May 17, 2010

a REAL working dog.

Who is this handsome lad you ask? Well it is Gyp's Dad, Pete in Kentucky.
(not the human one, the DOG one).

Jenny sent me photos of her dad working as the setout dog at the Bluegrass Classic in Kentucky. From what I know it is one of the biggest Trials in the US. Jenny said the sheep were really tough and it was hot, and Pete worked his butt off the whole time.

These photos are from the ceremonies. The dog on the left is Gyp's Dad, Pete. The dog on the right is her half-brother, not sure what his name is but I think he is cute with his prick ears :)

Jenny sent me these photos below from a couple years back, when Pete was running in the Trial, as well moving sheep from field to field in between. He also works cattle and has been known to get them out of thick brush areas they don't want to move from :)

Pete sure seems like he is a dog with a lot of heart and work ethic. I think he passed it on to his daughter :) I wonder if he has big feet like Gyppie too?

Thanks for sending these Jenny!!


Loretta Mueller said...

Isn't it fun to see relatives of your dogs work?? LOVE THIS!

gussysmom said...

Isn't it funny that both her dad's are named Pete?

Sarah said...

I know Leah!!!! It keeps it easy for her ....

the funny thing is her moms name is Jess, one of best friends names LOL

Kristina Zambrano said...

how cool is this? ... her dad is cute alright =0]