Sunday, May 16, 2010

In the Ring.

Well we did it. We went in the obedience ring. And I was so proud of K, we got better as the weekend went on which I was thrilled with. I'm excited to get back in the ring, I wish we could try again next weekend!!

Friday we started with Open. I wasn't overly nervous, but I was intimidated. I was quiet in the run with k, not my usual goofy self with him. I was told not to overdo the play in transitions between exersizes. But after watching some of the golden retriever handlers I knew I could do way mire and actually have FUN and get more physical with him. His routine was pretty good, not the best ever, but not horrible. He was distraced over the broad jump and pretty much realzied he was on it as he was on the first plank, then he jumped over the last two. I had him set up too close after watching what the other handlers did. His out of sight stays were good, he barked 5 times in the sits and 3 times in the downs. The judge took off 5 marks. If he would have done the broad jump correctly and with full marks he would have had a 192.

Rally in the afternoon went well our first time in Advanced B. It was refreshing to talk to him in the ring. He finished tied for 3rd out of 14 dogs.

I drove here and bak each day, 8 hours of driving over the 2 days, but let me tell you it was nce to sleep in my bed and have a whole night to chill.

Saturday we started with Open again and I tried a new experiment. Do the same routine I do for agility DUH - bark, play and be fast getting to the ring! I got him to bark outside the ring and move around lots and play, play, play! Our routine was much better. He got perfect marks in 4 exersizes!! His drop on recall was spot on, then he saw something in the floor took 2 steps and layed back down. So we got a big fat zero. His out of sight stays were much better only 2 barks in the sits and 1 bark in the down. It wa awesome the judge told hum to be quiet, I think it helped!!!! Again if he would have got full marks on the drop on recall, he would ended with a 193.

We had another Rally run in the afternoon, again same strategy - bark, quick getting the ring while playing and he had a nice run. He got a 99 and placed 2nd of 14 for his second Q.

I'm thrilled with my boy and couldn't be happier. I enjoyed hanging with friends and watching their dogs too!, we are NOT our most comfortable in the obedience ring, but i think with some more experience we will get better.. I'm so excited to get back in the ring this summer. I think we can do it!


Lisa said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend.

fulltiltbcs said...

Congrats to you and the K man!!!!

gussysmom said...

Great work K-Man! You rock! And good handling Sarah; every time you learn something each run through it makes you a better handler!