Sunday, May 8, 2011

Green Light!

My girl, originally uploaded by sarah ....
game on!
Seriously, how adorable is she??

It's been 6 months since Gyp's Illospoas injury diagnosis. On Friday she had another treatment and was given a new 4 week conditioning plan - this time it includes Agility equipment!!! YIPPEE!! It's been through acupuncture, laser, chiro, massage, chinese herbs and mega conditioning that she is getting back!!

It's been a very cool learning experience into learning how much we ask our dogs to do - and making sure they are conditioned enough to do the job. Kaleb is 9 and has never been lame a day a in is life. He is massaged regularily and gets adjustments as needed too - but that's it. He has done a ton of agility, hunting, running etc. He is IRON DOG, and I think that is in part to his conditioning as well as his build for working.

But I have now have a new view on how important conditioning actually is, even thought I THOUGHT I was doing a good job as I know the benefit of it with myself also. I am not talking about 30 minute walks a couple times of day - that is the bare minimum and not considered any part of our conditioning plan - it is just a given. I also ALWAYS give my guys a day off a week of anything - just a casual walk in the 'hood. Now they get 2 days off a week. I am talking about challenging the dogs muscles and co-ordination with a variety of strength and endurance skills. I always did the peanut ball, jogging, hills, active ROM exercises etc ... but not to the extent I have been to get Gyp back, better than ever - we've added a few more things than what I've listed also. My Body worker course has been amazing also, I have learned so much and am getting a really good feel for my dogs and others too. I think that has been a HUGE benefit also.
Gyp has more muscle than she ever has had, it's amazing really. And it has payed off for Kaleb to. I THOUGHT my dogs were in good shape before ... but the difference now is pretty cool.
My dogs are my pets, but they are also athletes - and I think people need to have this mind set more, given what we ask them to do for us. I happily drive a 4 hour round trip for a 30 minute treatment ... but it is worth it and it has payed off. Dr. Devall has been amazing over this journey, I am so lucky to have her knowledge, honesty and encouragement ... she is now Auntie Veronica given the fact she is a big support for our family ...

Gyp and her "trainer" are focused and ready to go!

6" grids today ... conquer the world tomorrow ...

aahhh what a great session (thanks Acey for helping me train her)

Kaleb didn't miss a beat given that he had 7 weeks of off equipment (because of my surgery). I did some proofing ... me sitting on the ground, taking a photo while I sent him through the poles, atta boy! I don't want to brag ... but I did some pretty good handling myself ... yep, front crossed, rear crossed and I ran pretty hard too. Oh ya! I'm back!!!

Green grass, blues skies ... happy dogs ... happy me.


Judy said...

Its GREAT to have you and your dogs back , Sarah!

Taryn said...

It is a testament to your strong willpower that both you and Gyp are back and better than ever! My hat is off to you!

Jules said...

Hooray! I am so glad you and Gyp have both been cleared to work.

You are one of the very few people I know who have taken the time to really rehab the iliopsoas injury. People are in such a rush and it really isn't fair to our dogs. Congratulations!

Paws on the Run said...
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Anonymous said...

yay for you, and for Gyppie!

I said you and Gyp would back stronger than ever. :)


Petreceri Burlacite said...

She is gorgeous, an adorable dog. I have one like this, but is smallest and it is a boy. Anyway i think they are the greatest dogs.