Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Product Test: Cranimals. APPROVED!

Last month a Rep. from Cranimals contacted me through my Blog and asked if I would be interested in trying out their product and doing a review. I had heard of Cranimals - but had not tried it. I looked into the product and company, and their products are great - and certified Organic as a bonus!

My dogs are on a large variety supplements - I swear it takes longer to prepare their meals than mine sometimes! I have used Cranberry powder for myself, and as well for the girl dogs when they had urinary tract issues. I didn't realize there was so much more to it! They also use Raspberry and Blueberry extracts in the products as supports for cats and dogs. Cranimals has all of the information on their website and facebook page.

We tried the VIBE formula: Cranberry, Vegetarian DHA Omega 3 and Spirulina (a green algae extract that helps with muscle damage through heavy exercise).

Kaleb and Gyp tested the product, and well I don't think we were able to see long term effects because the supply only lasted 2 weeks, I did notice some short term effects right away.

First off, Kaleb has a really sensitive stomach, and I am careful not to add too many things to his diet (especially since his torsion - but also because of his allergies). This product acts as a detoxifier, and the best thing I noticed in the short time using the product is that it didn't give him "the runs", and that is big - his poop was still in a solid form (sorry too much information??)! So what that tells me is the product is gentle on the tummy for dogs - which is a big deal for me. Kaleb can be a really yeasty dog - so I can see how using this product long term would help with that, so we are going to keep trying it and we hope to see some long-term positive effects.

Gyp also enjoyed it - I swear half her meals are supplements, so I wasn't sure what one more would do - but she gobbled it right up - and would even eat it plain out of my hand. I tried it too, and it was pretty palatable :)

So again if you aren't familiar with the benefits of their product - they are all Organic Certified also which is a big selling feature, I encourage you to check out their website and facebook page.


Mandy said...

We've carried the Cranimals Gold and Original for a few months at the store and there is no better supplement for Urinary health. I have no experience with the rest of their line (except the Zendog biscuits which Izzie wouldn't touch) but they're a fantastic company that's for sure!

onecollie said...

interesting, I would love to try these on the boys!