Thursday, February 23, 2012

The boy is turning 10.

Kalebs big 1-0 is in 18 days (March 12th to be exact). So every other day leading up to his BIG DAY ... I'll write a little post about K-Man. I still remember the day he was born and I still have the email from his breeder!!!

Hard to believe his double digit birthday is so soon. I feel so lucky to have him at 10 years old. He is healthy, happy and still full of the enthusiasm and obnoxiousness that he always has had.

K is from a litter of 10 pups and in his litter had his breeders first Yellow Flattie. I have a picture of her somewhere. The pups were DNA tested for the yellow gene. K doesn't carry it.

This is K's dad ... from Sweden (K was born through the magic of AI)

WW-98 NordV-99 Int Nord UCH Almanza Something To Talk About AKA "Leo"

This is K's beautiful mom Ramona who lived to be just over 13 years old.
Ch Prairielight Abracadabra CDX JH WCI amWC

Here is Kaleb with Ramona and his two sisters Ylva and Lily :)

Stay tuned for more Kaleb in the next 18 days ... the countdown is on!!

He is also taking requests if anyone would like to ask him any questions like "what the hell goes on in that head of yours, dude??"


Jenny Glen said...

We should have had a joint b-day party- Bob turned 13 yesterday!

onecollie said...

I am going to enjoy the posts! His parents are gorgeous!!
I would like to ask Kaleb what does he think about when he hides inside boxes & such :)

Anji Atkinson said...

I would like to ask Kaleb why he doesn't carry a kleenex for his drool!

Looking forward for the 18 days of Kaleb!

lifewithmydogs said...

WOW. Even though I know his age, if I saw him for the first time now I would guess he was about 6. Such a handsome boy!

Kari in Vegas said...


Stop on by for a visit