Wednesday, February 8, 2012

What drives you?


Do you ever just sit back and wonder why the hell we throw ourselves into this bizarre culture of "dog"?

It's a complicated culture full of religious beliefs, mantras and people with questionable fashion sense. People who look at you because you have a certain breed "you are a retirever person", "oh you are one of those Border Collie people", or because you support a certain "Brand" AKA "System" or you put a cross in a place where you might get struck by lightening if you aren't careful. Like in my real life I consider myself agnostic - I believe in many things, not just one ... I like to think that keeps me open minded in my life, and when training with mine, and other peoples dogs. This "dog" culture full is of people who judge us and we put ourselves in situations where we offer, and we even pay to be judged, It goes further than sport of Agility, or sports, really. It for me, goes back to being a pet owner in general ... it happens in all levels of owning a dog ... like the people who judge you for not taking your dog to Dog Parks "you must have bad dogs, maybe they would be more friendly if you took them there", or those who think I starve my dogs because they are not coffee tables, those people who give you dirty looks when you sit your dogs on the path instead of letting them visit. It is everywhere ... it's life I guess.

For me I throw myself in this culture because, it's all "For the Love of Dog" ...
• My dogs have made me a better person.
• I have made my best friends in life because of dogs.
• I have learned more with my dogs than I ever did in 4 years of College.
• They have taken me more places, and we have seen more things than I would have ever done if I didn't have them
• I love to learn, I love to teach, I love to be taught.
• I love to be loved unconditionally.
• I love seeing the special bond between dog and person, especially when it's true and sincere. It is not something you can fake. Those who are the most successful have this bond. It can't be forced, it can't be faked. Dogs are smarter than humans that way.

... yep, that's me, just another crazy dog person ...


Shiggy said...

I've smiled, laughed and had a generally great time far more since embracing being a crazy dog person than i ever have before. I finally have people to laugh about the poor fashion choices of other dog people with ;)

Sarah said...


tina said...

This is such a great post. I personally have been judged for having a purebred, not adopting, not spaying at the age that someone else believes is best, and like you said, been accused of starving my dog because she's not a tank. I love being a dog person I just wish there was more camaraderie and understanding. Love your blog!

oddman said...

There's always those critical people in any culture, I guess dog culture is no different. Sometimes I feel some see me as 'elitist' because I love my purebreds, and the fun of showing them. But I have to let that go. I'm not here to please others.
I'm here to please my dogs!

Cannot imagine my life without them!