Friday, February 10, 2012

simple pleasures.

Grammy got a new car. She took us for a car ride. It has a sunroof. Life is good!!

This week, Kaleb got a full Health Check, bloodwork the whole deal. Seeing as he is a double digit next month ... it was time for his "Old enough to know better, still to young to care" check up :)

He still wants to be active and runs like the wind when he gets the chance. But his body is finally starting to catch up with him. Its nothing major, but I want him to stay active. He can get a bit stiff and sleeps alot deeper after a big work out or a weekend of Agility. His joints are great for an older dog - he is in great condition - but I notice he does not having as much muscle as he used too - comes with any animal aging, even us humans have to work harder at that as we age - so we will work a bit harder now at keeping tone with extra ball work targeting the certain muscle groups I feel that need it, as well as more massage when he needs it too. He has a bit of possible arthritis in his right stifle, something from an old injury that might be showing up now as there is a bit of scar tissue in the area where I have noticed a bit of stiffness after lots of activity. We might treat with with an extra joint supplement as well we are upping his lipid mussel/glucos. supplement to a therapeutic level, and not a maintenance level.

His bloodwork overall was very good. Titres back with really good vaccine levels and his Thyroid is low - though he doesn't display classic symptoms of that - we will treat it homeopathically first and see what we get.

We feel so lucky to have him healthy, happy and still crazy at this age .... yep ... just one month ...and the boy will be 10 years old!!!


Kari in Alaska said...

What a cool sun roof!

Stop on by for a visit

lifewithmydogs said...

Wow, he looks so much younger! He's just beautiful.
Our dogs Jock and Lucy are both turning 10 this year as well. It's amazing how time flies!