Sunday, February 26, 2012

Kaleb's top 10: #9

I still remember the day we picked the puppy we had been waiting over a year for .... he showed us how he could fetch his baby bumper and delver to hand ... there he goes ... even at 10 weeks old, he never gave up, and had that trademark tongue!!

Grammy was there when I picked him up ... she was the first one to hold him :)

Bryan my Bro was there too ... Kaleb still has the same waggy tail ...

and to this day, Kaleb still loves his Grammy more than anyone ...

i luvs her.

me 'n' my grammy


Shiggy said...

Aww! Baby K! Too cute!
(i still think he's cute actually)

onecollie said...

in first picture he has a tail like Kort!!
He was a very cute baby :)