Wednesday, June 12, 2013

4th times a charm!

On the Podium!!! Gyp was also Awarded Top Rescue dog, and received a whole big basket of LOOT!
Onwards to Nationals!!!
What a weekend. Gyp is now running as a Veteran and as always had a great caliber of competition in our group. Gyp 5/6 over the weekend, she did everything I asked of her and gave me her all. She now has won her 4th Regional Championship - what a girl. I love running her, we have so much fun together. It was funny, Friday we weren't in the Warm-up trial, so we just hungout, went for walks and visited. Saturday morning, she KNEW it was game day, she came out of the vehicle onto the field, guns a blazing - barking, spinning and super excited. She was obviously picking up on my excitement. Fitz had a great time too! He met many new friends - big, small and inbetween. We working on lots of focus at the rings, tugging, heeling and LOTS of recalls. He also enjoyed running in the field with his pals.

I had only 2 people ask me how "my dogs" were running, and I had to break it to them that Kaleb had passed away. One poor woman burst into tears. I had to console her :) I got a few nice hugs and nice words about the boy. I really enjoyed every moment this weekend. Thank doG I had Fitz with me, he sure kept things light.  Go! Dog! Go! had 12 dogs qualify for Nationals - I'm not gonna lie, I had tears each day for everyone successes - big or small, there were many hugs and high fives all weekend!! We really do have the most amazing supportive group. And we kept up with tradition by being the loudest and the banquet. We are from the south - we know how to have a good time!
A quick visit to see my Nanny on the way to Edmonton. It broke up the 6 hour drive,
and she was SOOOOO surprised to see us!
Sleeping dog Totem pole.
my 2 ridiculous dogs.
Who turned out the lights?


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Taryn said...

Congrats! Love the photos! I had to do a double-take on the one with Gyp's head on top of Fitz's little white body :-)

Breanna said...

Amazing! Congratulations! That picture of Fitz is to die for!

Diana said...

Congrats!! Love the picture of Gyp's head on Fitz, so cute!