Monday, June 24, 2013

fun is an understatement.

Success is gauged by the holes in my shirts. Fitz's first Puppy Seminar was a great success. As well, his t-shirt tug is covered in blood (mr. teething pants), holes and is missing a few pieces. We traveled 3 hours to have a session with Dante Camacho- I attended a seminar of his with Gyp last year. Another friend/student went up and she did AMAZING too! He is a great trainer, upbeat and informative. He really presents well and gives many ideas. This seminar was for puppies 6months and older. Fitz isn't quite 5 months - but the little pup held his own. He was the youngest one there. I wasn't sure what to expect as far as where he needed to be skill level, but thankfully alot of what we've been working on (thanks to the wonderful Loretta) was covered, as well as some new approaches and some new skills too! We covered so much in one day - lots of lecture and lots of small increments of work - it was very well thought out. I wasn't sure how he would be (focus wise) training in a new place with a whole new set of high drive dogs - he was VERY stimulated. But the work we've been doing payed off as his drive and focus was where it is everywhere else - we try to get out and train EVERYWHERE. He is a very adaptable little fella. The puppy I had that would sit and watch the world go by calmly now wants a part of everything he sees. And if he can't get it - he, you know, throws a FIT. I now have to work harder for this focus - oh boy. He did great though, and I was able to get him to focus on me, and sit, down, stand nose touches etc - he was able to think with it all going around. I was VERY VERY proud of my little pup. He has turned on to the noises of Agility - tunnels, teeters etc. he loses his shiznit. OMG he threw a couple FITS(Z) of epic proportions - all I can do is laugh. Soooo, Mt. Fitz got benched outside after the kibble for being quiet in the crate for the morning session no longer had an effect in the PM session. I saw a intensity I haven't seen before, and it didn't fade. He was REALLY turned on by the excitement - he knows what it means now - but the nice thing is re redirects it back to ME. He worked off leash with 4-5 other pups around and stayed with me the whole time. He did everything that was set out for him with the gusto and enthusiasm I have been striving to create. Well we are on our way. I've never had a dog quite like this little MoFo ... I am so excited for what's to come!!!

He made a few first impressions ...
"Wow he comes by his name honestly, doesn't he?"
"Be carfeul what you name your dog!"
"Well, you certainly are the right person for him." (I think I heard this 3 times...)
"Wow, that's alot of dog".

This is pup is so much fun, and I know I'm in for a WILD RIDE!!!