Monday, June 17, 2013

And so he grows

19 weeks and looking so adult already. Loving this pup oh so much. Super fun training buddy and he knows so much already. Like his mom and dad he's a powerhouse. He's standing at 13" right now. So I'm guessing he will be 14"-14.5" - there are lots of tall dogs in his lineage. 


Sarah Duke said...

I thought he looked kinda big in the pictures. My little Aussie is 14" and I think it's a great size, still very portable but sturdy enough to be stepped on! :) He's so pretty, I love all his white.

Sarah said...

he thinks he's 70 pounds. lol

Gyp is abnormally small at 17.25 and 25 pounds soaking wet ... so he looks even bigger!! He awesome, I'm loveing his size - I wanted something bigger than 12" and I got it! Maybe he and Ping will meet one day :)