Monday, January 28, 2008

baby, its cold outside

Gyp in the wind. Well seems that all that wind blew in the COLD weather, it is -28 this morning, -45 with wind chill!!! The dogs have had some nice long runs this weekend in preparation for this weather. Not that it matters, they are driving me nuts already this morning.

Let me re-phrase that, Kaleb is driving me nuts this morning. I love this dog, but my god he gets stir crazy.

So on go the doggies boots and I'll have to brave the cold so they can get out there and run a bit - I'm guessing 5 minutes. UGGH.

Jane says, she'll pass on the idea.

These are the things on a cold day I do with the dogs to keep them content.

Too cold outside?? Time too:
- Play hide the toy ... Jane's favourite cold weather activity
- Free shape some behaviours with some random object in the house, get that brain tired.
- Work on Stays, each dog goes to a different place in the house, and I work one dog at a time on something.
- Give the dogs a nice massage and grooming
- Or just take it easy for the day, I try to give them a FULL day off once a week, nothing is required of them, besides the usual everyday house manners. Gotta recharge those batteries.

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manymuddypaws said...

I have been working more on free shaping stuff with my guys too- I forgot how fun it is! Sam learned to put his head under a towel, and Vito figured out that I wanted him to lift one back leg fun!

that's a great pic of Gyppie!

you should video Janies find the toy would be entertaining..