Thursday, January 24, 2008

weavin', jumpin' and goin' left and right.

Gyp, challenges sending ahead off 90o angles on a side change (with no arm) I have been using her directionals, still in the learning process but she is getting it yay, her entries are pretty solid, now I am adding distractions IN, ON, and AROUND the poles to keep that little brain thinking. We are progressing well. And have to vary the value of the distraction being used. It is hard to challenge and distract this dog, she is pretty rock solid when it comes to what I ask her, so its always a good thing when I can have her make a mistake!!!!!

How to weave according to Gyp:

(far right): Collect your self and push off first pole for more speed
(middle): Out of the last pole look where you are going next
(left): Weave so fast you go cross eyed is always a good thing

Kaleb, he is pretty rock solid, though at the last trial he missed 3 entries (which is WIERD for him), so back to 3, 4 and 6 poles and poles into poles for an added distraction (for both dogs actually). K did well on the challenges and managed to fix his errors last night. AND angling the poles AWAY from the dog so they have to turn away from me into pole 2 & 3, with another set of poles ahead of those. I need more proofing on this!

Left, Right over jumps and stationary. This is going to be helpful with me, used sparingly of course. It will make my handling more precise and keep me aware of what EXACTLY I am asking of my dog. Both did well and we will continue progressing and testing this. I still need to work on deceleration to get tighter jumping with gyp, she is better to the L than the R, Kaleb is about the same either way. They did GREAT on the threadles and serpentines, my handling is better on these, now that I understand what I was doing wrong in my timing.

so that was that!


manymuddypaws said...

freakin' funny...I love the push off...poor gyppie cross eyes....

Amber-Mae said...

Wow! I bet they both can weave really sooper dooper FAST! Gosh, I wish I can do that but I'm not as agile as them both. I'm quite a clumsy dog actually & so I take it nice & steady...I also like to miss many poles especially when I have to go 'in'. Harharhar! Mommy is not happee with me. Hey, could you take a video of Kaleb especially of him doing agility? I always preferred watching bigger dogs doing agility so that I can learn from them...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Sarah said...

here is a video of kaleb and my other dogs for you to look at!