Monday, January 21, 2008


Well Gyp and Kaleb have been bust reviewing there (ummm our) homework and looking through the videos we took over the weekend.

I will be posting my list of improvements soon, in the meantime here is what Gyp and Kaleb have to say:

Kaleb: OK ma, I'll watch the video, but can I watch Lucy's first, you know I have a thing for redheads.

Gyp: Shut Up dork face I'm trying to watch this video of my friend Maggie!


Kaleb: Ya this is cool, gee mom you make a lot of mistakes don't you ....

Gyp: Shut Up dork face, I'm on now and darn aren't I cute, so you think the camera adds 10 pounds??


Kaleb: NO MORE VIDEOS!!!! I can't handle it, now I know how dad feels when you make him watch all of these videos!!!!

Gyp: more, more, more


The End.

P.S. Though jane isn't featured, she is always watching over the others (she is my computer background picture)

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