Monday, January 21, 2008

dog herding dogs and Outreach ...

dog herding dogs
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Gyp takes her job of keeping the flock of dogs together, very seriously!

We are signed up for some more herding lessons in the next few weeks, I hope Gyp can adapt her "dog herding" abilities to sheep ....

We got back from our first Outreach Session with Kim Collins last night, and right now the dogs are "too pooped to poop" (Fox and the hound quote).

I am very pleased with my guys performance over the weekend, and I have a lot to work on with them. I'll post more about that when I gather my thoughts a bit!

Motivating and discouraging all at the same time, you just have to take what you can, and for me I am motivated to do better, and the things I am discouraged by, are the same things that motivate me to be better!!! If you don't admit you have things to work on or avoid the things that are difficult you, or make excuses and say you and your dog can't do something, you will never improve, and that for me was something she really emphasized, so homework here I come!!!!

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